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The start of the year is always an exciting time. It’s a time for reflection, setting goals, pushing boundaries and trying new things. This year, sellers can win big with us as Walmart Marketplace continues to grow and deliver a top-quality product selection and a world-class shopping experience.Our New Year’s resolution is simple: To be […]
  1. Department: Food
  What is freshness? How do your consumers know that the meal they buy from you is fresh other than searching the package looking for the date made or time cooked? So, we ask. What’s more relevant than livestream meal prep or cooking of dinner? Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®, […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The CPG Guys speak with Bobby Watts, Vice President of AD Retail Media at Peapod Digital Labs, a division of Ahold Delhaize, one of the world’s largest grocery retailers. Follow Bobby Watts on LinkedIn at: Bobb Watts at: [email protected] Peapod Digital Labs on LinkedIn at: Peapod Digital Labs online at: Bobby answers […]
  1. Media & Marketing
There’s much to be said for looking forward into the coming year, as opposed to looking back. After all, every new year comes with its own set of hopes, expectations and even promises. With that in mind, here are four New Year’s-inspired resolutions which every digital marketer should take to heart to make the most […]
  1. Retailer Media
Most retailers are now highly focused on building their own retail media networks (RMNs), offering onsite and offsite inventory. And why not? Retail media networks, when done well, offer a stream of high-profit cash that can be up to 1.5 percent of a retailer’s gross revenues, at margins north of 50 percent. The cookie-less future […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Social shopping is becoming more and more popular given the surge in social media usage and the ease of completing a transaction without ever leaving the app. It’s no surprise that social commerce sales are expected to reach $45.74 billion in 2022. With this growth, shoppable ads have been gaining traction over the last several […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
The NRF Big Show, held in NYC Jan. 15-17, did more than bring together 35,000 attendees and more than 1,000 exhibitors. The event also gives us business editors the chance to suss out the major trends that retail decision-makers will be grappling with in 2023. Here’s our take on just a few of the key […]
  1. Retail Operations
The CPG Guys speak with Venkatesh (Venky) Shankar, Professor of Marketing and Ford Chair in Marketing & E-Commerce and Director of Research at the Center for Retailing Studies, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University. His areas of specialization include Digital Business, Marketing Strategy, Innovation, New Product Management, Retailing, Services Marketing, Pricing, International Marketing, Branding, Mobile […]
  1. Retailer Media
If you think those “sponsored” products on Amazon are an innocuous little niche of advertising, think again. Those sponsored positions are what are now known as retail media, which has become the third-largest U.S. digital advertising channel after paid search and paid social campaigns. Even more impressive, eMarketer expects it to nearly double, from $31 […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
Momentum Commerce today announced an expansion of its senior leadership team with the hire of Aisha Khan as VP of Strategy & Insights. Aisha will marshal Momentum Commerce’s Strategy Consulting practice, building upon existing work with firms like Raymond James and Boston Consulting Group, along with brands like Therabody. Enterprise Brands, Consumer-Focused Private Equity Firms […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
“It’s not brick and mortar or ecommerce — it’s brick and mortar and ecommerce.” — Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute Today, most brands’ products exist not just on the physical shelf but also the digital shelf. However, the main problem is that most companies haven’t found a way to seamlessly connect these […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Hy-Vee Inc. chief executive officer Jeremy Gosch was named vice chairman of Hy-Vee’s board of directors, in one of five leadership changes announced by Hy-Vee executive chairman of the board and executive director Randy Edeker at the company’s annual stockholder’s meeting. Other leadership changes announced at the meeting: Longtime Hy-Vee […]
  1. Retailer Media
The CPG Guys speak with Kara Rousseau, VP & Head of Marketing for Walmart Connect, the Retail Media arm of Walmart, the world’s most elite retailer. Follow Kara Rousseau on LinkedIn at: Walmart Connect on LinkedIn at: Walmart Connect online at: Kara answers these questions: 1) Kara, since we last spoke in […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Walmart wants to sell more of its technology and services to other companies. On Thursday, it announced a deal with Salesforce to ramp up sales of its GoLocal delivery service, which drops off purchases at customers’ doors; and Store Assist, which helps employees more quickly and accurately pick and pack orders for curbside pickup and delivery. Starting this […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Everyone in the retail industry knows January means two things: lots of holiday returns and the venerable NRF Big Show, running Jan. 15-17, 2023 and featuring more than 950 exhibitors and 100 educational sessions. High-profile speakers for the event at New York City’s Javits Center include Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, actor and writer Kal Penn […]
  1. Retailer Media
Microsoft is gearing up to take a bigger piece of the growing retail media pie with the debut of a suite of new capabilities through its PromoteIQ marketing platform, which the company acquired in 2019. Among the new offerings are the debut of the Microsoft Retail Advertising Network, which will allow retailers to pull from […]
  1. Channel: Delivery
The CPG Guys speak with Amit Patel, SVP of Startegic Partnerships and Monetization at Drizly,  the world’s largest alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine and spirits. Follow Amit Patel on LinkedIn at: Drizly on LinkedIn at: Drizly Ads online at: Amit answers these questions: 1) Please provide us […]
  1. Merchandising
From forward-looking industry research to conversations with leading ecommerce innovators and practitioners, the Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) is committed to producing engaging, compelling, and insightful content you need to deliver the best online experience and take your business to the next level. As the DSI says goodbye to 2022, here’s a look back at some […]
  1. Retailer Media
As the founder and CEO of Argo Tea, Arsen Avakian faced challenges managing an expansive list of retail partners and all of their distinct marketing and advertising offerings. With the rise of retail media, he saw a unique opportunity to bring robust, data-driven creative to the physical environment, which inspired him to start Cooler Screens. […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Audience segmentation is a crucial aspect of retail media networks, as it allows retailers to tailor their marketing and advertising efforts to specific groups of consumers. By dividing their audience into smaller segments based on various characteristics, retailers can create more targeted and effective campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their desired audience. […]
  1. Retailer Media
The CPG Guys Present the 2022 OMNIES Awards featuring: Andrea Leigh from Allume Group Melissa Burdick from Pacvue Bryan Gildenberg from Confluencer Commerce Peter V.S. Bond from Fetch Sri Rajagopalan is the episode emcee. The following award categories are discussed: * Best Retail UX * Best Shoppable Media Experience * Best New Commerce Experience * […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Each year, RETHINK Retail—the fastest growing retail media company in the world– awards the top names in retail by honoring those individuals as a “Top Retail Influencer”. Sponsored by Microsoft, the Top Retail Influencer award recognizes academics, analysts, association leaders, industry experts and media members who are at the forefront of retail industry thought leadership.  […]
  1. Media & Marketing
As part of an analysis of how legacy linear media networks are likely to fare in 2023 as the ways in which people consume media evolves, The Information offers this prognostication: “The consensus view is that ad spending on linear inventory will fall 6% to 7% next year, while spending on digital inventory (including Connected […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Hy-Vee CEO Jeremy Gosch was named vice chairman of Hy-Vee’s board of directors, in one of five leadership changes announced by Hy-Vee executive chairman of the board and executive director Randy Edeker at the company’s annual stockholder’s meeting here. Randy Edeker Other leadership changes announced at the meeting: Longtime Hy-Vee […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
Why is media planning so important? We’re glad you asked. In today’s competitive global media landscape, effective media planning is vital to saving time while driving greater brand awareness, engagement, conversions, and revenue. The magic words every marketer wants to hear. Choosing the right marketing channels to share high-performing content is key to media planning […]
  1. Retailer Media
The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Abi Subramanian, Vice President of Lowe’s One Roof Media Network, a robust portfolio of omnichannel advertising services powered by Lowe’s customer data, real-time shopping trends, and proven marketing expertise. Follow Abi Subramanian on LinkedIn at: Follow Lowe’s  on LinkedIn at:’s-home-improvement/ Follow […]

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In a year when holiday spending on gifts, travel and entertainment was down 1 percent from the year prior, one age group bucked that trend in a huge way. Millennials, perhaps aided by increased incomes due to “The Great Reshuffle,” told us it would spend a whopping 11 percent more than it did in 2021, […]
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While some trends come and go, there were a few trends that have stayed with consumers throughout the year.   As online shopping continues to be a popular choice for consumers, physical stores can offer shoppers perks that e-commerce can’t replicate.    This week we look at trends to increase foot traffic and customer loyalty. […]