1. Trends & External Forces
WOONSOCKET, R.I. —CVS Health announced a new initiative that will address barriers to care in underserved communities across the country. The CVS Health Community Equity Alliance is being established to expand the community health worker workforce, enhance connections between health care institutions and communities and address disparities in heart health and mental health outcomes. The Alliance […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
The Department of Justice has filed a civil antitrust suit against Google, arguing that the tech giant has engaged in monopolistic behavior including leveraging its market dominance to force digital advertisers to use its services. Google has responded by accusing the government of trying “to pick winners and losers in the highly competitive advertising-technology sector.”
  1. Data & Insights
While some trends come and go, there were a few trends that have stayed with consumers throughout the year.   As online shopping continues to be a popular choice for consumers, physical stores can offer shoppers perks that e-commerce can’t replicate.    This week we look at trends to increase foot traffic and customer loyalty. […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
In my previous post, I boldly predicted that we’re on the verge of a whole series of martech innovations: AI, composability, AR/VR, even, yes, “Web3”. While I agree with the pessimists that 2023 will be a challenging year for a lot of martech vendors, I believe this is more of a business cycle bump in […]
  1. Associates & Employees
Walmart said yesterday that it is raising wages for all hourly workers in the US, a reflection of a continuing reality for retailers – front line staff shortages that are having an operational impact. In a memo to all US employees, John Furner, president and CEO, Walmart U.S., announced four ways in which he said […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
CHICAGO — The focus on health and wellness evolved throughout the pandemic as consumers began seeking coping mechanisms for their altered lifestyles. The consumer’s need for normalcy at the height of the pandemic was the entry for a mental and physical health focus, reports The NPD Group. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, more consumers say […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
We don’t exactly have a crystal ball to look into the future of PR, but we can make educated guesses based on our experiences and analysis. Here is our 2023 PR trends forecast:  AFFILIATE MARKETING The gift guide climate really evolved this year with affiliate links and/or major online retailer availability becoming a requirement for […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
When I was a freshman in college, one of my professors had us write a letter to future selves. We wouldn’t see the letter again until senior year, right around the time we graduated. He wanted us to write words of encouragement and map out what we wanted to achieve over the four years. That […]
  1. Media & Marketing
There’s much to be said for looking forward into the coming year, as opposed to looking back. After all, every new year comes with its own set of hopes, expectations and even promises. With that in mind, here are four New Year’s-inspired resolutions which every digital marketer should take to heart to make the most […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Artificial intelligence has made huge strides in the last decade, transforming almost every aspect of life. One area where artificial intelligence has helped add real value is the way businesses operate.  However, many business people are still skeptical about the role of AI in business, thus losing out on a resource that could make a […]
  1. Retail Operations
“While I would never suggest, ‘Hey, let’s move away from those channels entirely,’ my philosophy is that we have to move to a more omnichannel approach without giving up our addressability, our measurement capabilities, and our efficiencies that we’ve worked so hard to build into our marketing stack … In the offline world, direct mail […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
KEY POINTS Microsoft on Monday announced a new multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. Microsoft declined to provide a specific dollar amount, but Semafor reported earlier this month that Microsoft was in talks to invest as much as $10 billion. The deal marks the third phase of the partnership between the two companies, following Microsoft’s previous investments in 2019 and […]
  1. Data & Insights
Making strategic adjustments around your eCommerce operations and marketing need to reflect trends both within your own data, along with the market at large. When it comes to that wider view, shopping data detailing online consumer behavior and changes in competitor tactics from 2022 gives you the most actionable clues about how to optimize your […]
  1. Retailer Media
If you think those “sponsored” products on Amazon are an innocuous little niche of advertising, think again. Those sponsored positions are what are now known as retail media, which has become the third-largest U.S. digital advertising channel after paid search and paid social campaigns. Even more impressive, eMarketer expects it to nearly double, from $31 […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Google parent company Alphabet is following in the footsteps of fellow tech giants Amazon and Microsoft in making the “difficult decision” to lay off approximately 12,000 employees, according to a letter from CEO Sundar Pichai sent to employees on Jan. 20, 2022. Titled A Difficult Decision to set us up for the Future, Pichai — […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Google’s parent firm, Alphabet, has revealed it is set to slash 12,000 jobs, making it the latest tech firm to cut down its headcount. The news means that 6% of… The post Google parent Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Kroger has entered a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud and Deloitte to use cloud technologies that will increase associate productivity across its nearly 2,800 stores nationwide. Kroger recently deployed a variety of Google Cloud data analytics, AI and ML tools, designed to empower store leaders and associates to make real-time operational decisions and deliver a […]
  1. Media & Marketing
  Your customers first option when looking up “what’s for dinner” is on a hand-held device, either a phone or tablet.  Digital food marketing is simply the cost of admission in the world of fresh food marketing according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Outside eyes and open our eyes […]
  1. Holiday & Events
WASHINGTON – Retail sales during 2022’s November-December holiday season grew 5.3% over 2021 to $936.3 billion, falling short of the National Retail Federation’s forecast amid continuing inflation and high interest rates, NRF said today. While holiday growth was less than expected, sales for the year grew 7% over 2021 to $4.9 trillion, meeting NRF’s forecast […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
by Kevin Coupe I’ve been interested to read a couple of pieces lately regarding an issue about which I reported less than two weeks ago – a move by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban non-compete agreements between companies and individuals. The key arguments against non-competes are two – one is that they depress […]

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In a year when holiday spending on gifts, travel and entertainment was down 1 percent from the year prior, one age group bucked that trend in a huge way. Millennials, perhaps aided by increased incomes due to “The Great Reshuffle,” told us it would spend a whopping 11 percent more than it did in 2021, […]
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While some trends come and go, there were a few trends that have stayed with consumers throughout the year.   As online shopping continues to be a popular choice for consumers, physical stores can offer shoppers perks that e-commerce can’t replicate.    This week we look at trends to increase foot traffic and customer loyalty. […]