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Whole Foods is asking vendors to lower prices to reflect lower inflation rates. The grocery chain is seeking to improve the price perceptions that consumers hold for the chain. Foot traffic to Whole Foods’ stores fell eight percent in the fourth quarter, according to
  1. Technology & Innovation
The RETHINK Retail team ventured to NYC from January 14-17th for NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show. While there, we had the opportunity to speak with attendees from our Top Retail Influencer community and learn about their event experience. #TRI members–Ian Scott, Martin Newman, Melissa Gonzalez, Melissa Minkow, Nikki Baird, Ron Thurston, Stewart Samual, and Thomas […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Wayfair is prioritizing innovation across its organization, supported by technology providers like Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. While at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City last week, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan spoke with Kevin O’Riordan, head of physical retail and supply chain engineering at Wayfair, and Fredrik Carlegren, vice president of marketing and communications at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. In […]
  1. Corporate Finance
The RETHINK Retail team ventured to NYC from January 14-17th for NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show. While there, we had the opportunity to speak with attendees from our Top Retail Influencer community and learn about their event experience. #TRI members- April Sabral, Andrew Smith, Carl Boutet, Alberto Serrentino, Charles Haseman, Christine Russo, Guy Courtin, and […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Before you launch your brand in the United Kingdom, it’s important to know what’s going on in today’s U.K. retail market as it may differ from the markets your brand currently has a presence in. Whether the British market is familiar territory or completely new, here’s a deep dive into understanding the U.K.’s marketplace, retailers, […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences of someone’s life, and the satisfaction that comes with owning a successful business can be life-changing. It isn’t all easy, but seeing your labor bear fruit can be worth the effort. Starting a retail business, in particular, is one of the most popular small […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
In my previous post, I boldly predicted that we’re on the verge of a whole series of martech innovations: AI, composability, AR/VR, even, yes, “Web3”. While I agree with the pessimists that 2023 will be a challenging year for a lot of martech vendors, I believe this is more of a business cycle bump in […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The CPG Guys speak with Bobby Watts, Vice President of AD Retail Media at Peapod Digital Labs, a division of Ahold Delhaize, one of the world’s largest grocery retailers. Follow Bobby Watts on LinkedIn at: Bobb Watts at: [email protected] Peapod Digital Labs on LinkedIn at: Peapod Digital Labs online at: Bobby answers […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced new “organic” guidelines that are designed “to close loopholes” that permitted ingredients that did not meet the criteria for “certified organic” to get into the organic supply chain. The Washington Post reports that “the USDA has a strict definition of ‘certified organic,’ allowing the label to be […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
The other day we referenced a story from the New York Times detailing how when many workers start jobs in the restaurant business, they are required to “pay around $15 to a company called ServSafe for an online class in food safety.”  What they don’t know is that ServSafe “doubles as a fund-raising arm of […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
One of the most persistent trends of the last 30 years of CPG marketing has been SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) proliferation – the addition of more products and a variety of products based on changes to the market, such as adding several new flavors of a top-selling beverage. However, this trend is coming to an end.  […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Financial constraints like inflation costs and rising interest rates are hitting many consumers hard. This instability, paired with changing customer expectations from banks, means you must focus more on personalizing your customer service engagements and offering more proactive advice.  Doing so can help bridge a growing customer expectation gap, while helping your bank run more […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Privacy changes, a looming recession and eroding consumer spending power were just a few headlines that disrupted marketing strategies in the past year. As a result, you likely saw several industry shifts that impacted the way you reached shoppers in 2022. Going into the new year with so many changes and likely more to come, […]
  1. Department: Food
Good piece in the New York Times about how, in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, vendors “can be found in parking lots and along busy roads … They turn their open car trunks into makeshift cafeterias or grocery stores, selling produce, tamales, seafood and meats. They shout their sales pitches, lighthearted Spanish rhymes, as they follow shoppers […]
  1. Channel: Ecommerce & Digital
Ecommerce Bytes has a story about how Amazon is dealing with storage capacity issues in its Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program – it is simultaneously putting limits on what vendors can store in its warehouses and turning the problem into a new source of revenue. The story says that Amazon has announced “a new system […]
  1. Data & Insights
Today’s marketers face the ultimate catch-22: Consumers overwhelmingly desire hyperpersonalized experiences, yet they’re concerned about sharing their data. According to Arity’s research, 66 percent of consumers have deleted an app due to privacy concerns. With competition for business fierce and the data privacy movement underway, retailers and marketers must establish strong data collection practices for […]
  1. Corporate Finance
Party City has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a bid to restructure its heavy debt load and keep its doors open after supply chain woes, rising inflation and a consumer slowdown took a chunk out of sales, reports CNBC. The party supplies retailer has secured a $150 million bankruptcy loan and will seek approval to use […]
  1. Corporate Finance
[[ Getty Images Bed Bath & Beyond has been in discussions with prospective buyers and lenders as it works to keep its business afloat during a likely bankruptcy filing, according to people familiar with the matter. The retailer is in the midst a sale process in hopes of finding a buyer that would keep the […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
[[“value”:” Share: In recent years, point-of-sale systems have quickly become one of the most important and high-tech solutions a restaurant brand can utilize as its purpose has had to adapt to the constant changes in customer demand. In the past, POS solutions were designed to function as a limited-use cash register and accomplish two goals: […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
BOISE, Idaho – Albertsons Cos. announced the opening of its annual application process for certified diverse-owned suppliers. Eligible applicants include individual, small and mid-size businesses that are at least 51% owned, controlled and operated by women, Black, indigenous and people of color, LGBTQ+, veterans or people with disabilities who can offer products that appeal to […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
It gets thrown around so often that even typing it here begs a virtual eye roll – but yes, it’s true: the metaverse was all abuzz at CES 2023. Indeed, vendors were keen to showcase technologies that could play a key role in making virtual worlds a sensory-rich experience. OVR Technology, for example, unveiled a […]
  1. Channel: Mass
Walmart’s burgeoning slate of white-label retail tech will be made more widely available via a new partnership with Salesforce. Retailers will now be able to plug into Walmart Commerce Technologies’ Store Assist local fulfillment services and the Walmart GoLocal delivery solution through the Salesforce AppExchange. The new partnership is part of a growing push by […]
  1. Data & Insights
It’s a tale as old as time: You, a customer, enter a store (digital or otherwise), just looking to make a purchase and move on with your life. But you may leave with a little more than you bargained for: Your purchase of bananas, NFTs, or a limited-edition furby … and having shared your personal […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Iconic music begins with an opening that you can’t forget. The lyrics are emotional, engaging, and personal. It pulls the listener in, inviting them to go on a journey hand in hand with the artist. Similarly, from a young age, we learn that the opening sentence of a story or play is the “hook” that […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
KEASBEY, N.J. – Wakefern Food Corp. today announced its Own Brands Supplier Diversity Summit. The latest summit is an open call to diverse private label manufacturers to source exciting new and trending food and beverage products for potential addition to Wakefern’s award-winning Bowl & Basket and Wholesome Pantry store brands portfolio. Certified Diverse private label […]
  1. Department & Category
NEW YORK, NY (January 9, 2023) The Specialty Food Association (SFA) announced today that European Union (EU) will be their partner for the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show. The largest B2B specialty food event in the western United States, the Winter Fancy Food Show features thousands of specialty food and beverage products from around the […]
  1. Channel: Restaurants
The current state of the economy is proving tough for restaurant brands which are fraught with constant challenges that affect their daily operations. With stressors like extremely high inflation rates, a dwindled labor pool, supply chain woes, and frequently changing customer preferences and behaviors, restaurant brands are distracted by the factors they cannot control rather […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Hy-Vee will host its next quarterly Best of Local Brands Summit in March to expand and enhance the product offerings at its more than 285 retail stores in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Since the Best of Local Brands summits began in early 2021, more […]

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Full Year Highlights Net revenues for the full year increased +9.7% driven by Organic Net Revenue1 growth of +12.3% with underlying Volume/Mix of +2.7%. For the fourth quarter, Net revenues increased +13.5% driven by Organic Net Revenue1 growth of +15.4% with underlying Volume/Mix of +1.6% Diluted EPS was $1.96, down 35.5%; Adjusted EPS1 was $2.95, up +11.9% on […]
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KEY POINTS “We are just at the dawn of the robotics age. And I would say artificial intelligence and battery technology are all a part of that movement as well,” Cathie Wood said. Amazon had more than 1.6 million workers at the end of 2021, according to its most recent annual report. Wood’s Ark Innovation […]
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Aldi is rolling out its partnership with the world’s largest surplus food platform, Too Good To Go, across all of its 990 UK stores. Following a successful trial last year, Aldi is now offering surplus food bags available nationwide, in a bid to tackle food waste while also offering even lower prices to customers. The […]
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H-E-B, Costco Best Navigate The 2020 – 2022 Pandemic Grocery Market Upheaval, Bumping Amazon From Its Top Ranking Customers emerged from 2020 – 2022 placing more importance than ever on finding the right balance of savings and quality while placing less importance on saving time. Pandemic surge in retailer digital capabilities and consumer digital adoption […]
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Charted: U.S. Egg Prices Double in 2022 Eggs are a staple food for many countries around the world, and the U.S. is no exception. Americans eat between 250‒280 eggs a year on average. Eggs are also easy to cook, protein-dense and supply many daily vitamins needed for healthy living, making them a popular meal or […]