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Juul Labs’ new Juul2 system has been awarded Product of the Year 2023 in the Vaping and Heated Tobacco Products category, following an independent nationwide survey of 8,000 adult consumers. Juul2 was launched in April 2022 following a successful pilot launch on brand’s website. The rechargeable pod-based system was updated from previous versions with new […]
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The start of the year is always an exciting time. It’s a time for reflection, setting goals, pushing boundaries and trying new things. This year, sellers can win big with us as Walmart Marketplace continues to grow and deliver a top-quality product selection and a world-class shopping experience.Our New Year’s resolution is simple: To be […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Shreddies The Honey One has been named Product of the Year 2023 in the cereal category. The winner was chosen by 8,000 UK consumers who voted in a survey as part of the annual Product of the Year Awards initiative. Shreddies The Honey One is made with 100% whole grain and real honey, is free […]
  1. Data & Insights
Big news, people: GWI has partnered with Audiense, the leading audience intelligence solution. “So what?” we hear you ask. Well, insights drawn from different sources – in this case GWI’s survey data and Audiense’s social data – paint a more detailed and reliable picture of what audiences think, feel and do. Or to put it […]
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Over the past three years, most of us have done a lot more shopping online, so it’s easy to forget that while ecommerce is still growing, most retail commerce still happens in stores. In Q3 2022, ecommerce accounted for less than 15% of all retail sales. That means brick-and-mortar is still going strong, and not […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
WASHINGTON – Consumers are expected to spend $25.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, up from $23.9 billion in 2022 and one of the highest spending years on record, according to the annual survey released Wednesday by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. “Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to shop for […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Market research is an essential tool for businesses of any size or industry to understand their target audience, identify customer needs and preferences, and gather information about their competitors. In a nutshell, market research helps businesses grow and succeed. This is a primary goal for small businesses, making market research integral to small businesses making […]
  1. Operations & Supply Chain
2022 was a tough year for retailers and e-commerce sellers. With supply chain snarls around the globe, they’ve struggled to get the products they need. Now that those snarls are easing and products are flowing, sellers face diminishing consumer demand, which poses the threat of inventory sitting around unsold. In a survey of retail executives […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Plus: How luxury developers are courting influencers without spending a dime. Anthropomorphic M&Ms have been one of the weirdest flashpoints of the culture wars. But indeed, that’s what’s happened, with the female (do candies actually have genders?) sweets in particular drawing ire over their choice of footwear from conservative commentators. Now, M&Ms says it is […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
The NRF Big Show, held in NYC Jan. 15-17, did more than bring together 35,000 attendees and more than 1,000 exhibitors. The event also gives us business editors the chance to suss out the major trends that retail decision-makers will be grappling with in 2023. Here’s our take on just a few of the key […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Artificial intelligence has made huge strides in the last decade, transforming almost every aspect of life. One area where artificial intelligence has helped add real value is the way businesses operate.  However, many business people are still skeptical about the role of AI in business, thus losing out on a resource that could make a […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Based on events of 2022, here are twelve do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you build your brand in 2023. Do’s 1. Do Know The Business In Which You Do Business Please be specific. For example, you are not in the restaurant business; you are not in the fast food business; you are […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Financial constraints like inflation costs and rising interest rates are hitting many consumers hard. This instability, paired with changing customer expectations from banks, means you must focus more on personalizing your customer service engagements and offering more proactive advice.  Doing so can help bridge a growing customer expectation gap, while helping your bank run more […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Facing an economic downturn and reduced spending, 2022 was arguably one of the toughest year’s retail has ever faced. As the cost-of-living crisis continues, thoughts are now turning to what 2023 will have in store and how e-commerce merchants will respond to the challenges ahead. We spoke to a range of industry experts to get […]
  1. Data & Insights
On average, food retailers in the UK are spending £50,862 every year on sending their food waste to landfill, but recycling food waste could save them £7,000 per year, according to new research from Keenan Recycling. On top of this, the survey also found that 37% of food retailers in the UK either aren’t aware […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
In today’s retail environment, few things kill a sale and the customer experience (CX) more than software glitches and 404 error pages. Consumers expect seamless, personalized, on-demand digital solutions. In fact, 86 percent of customers say they would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences, according to one 2022 study. The pressure […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
[[“value”:” Share: In recent years, point-of-sale systems have quickly become one of the most important and high-tech solutions a restaurant brand can utilize as its purpose has had to adapt to the constant changes in customer demand. In the past, POS solutions were designed to function as a limited-use cash register and accomplish two goals: […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
by Kevin Coupe I’ve been interested to read a couple of pieces lately regarding an issue about which I reported less than two weeks ago – a move by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban non-compete agreements between companies and individuals. The key arguments against non-competes are two – one is that they depress […]
  1. Department & Category
Responding to last week’s In Conversation piece with David Friedler, president and managing partner of Simpactful, about the current state of vendor fees and deductions, one MNB reader wrote: Congratulations for having this conversation about vendor fees and deductions.  Over the years, I felt that you were ALWAYS siding with the trade because you never […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
WASHINGTON — The National Retail Federation (NRF) has applauded the inclusion of the “Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces (INFORM) for Consumers Act” in year-end congressional omnibus legislation. “On behalf of the retail industry, we are extremely pleased negotiators included the INFORM Consumers Act in the omnibus package,” NRF senior vice president of […]
  1. Retail Operations
US ecommerce giant Amazon has topped a survey which asked shoppers about their spending habits from Retail Week. Both UK grocers Tesco and Asda both followed with Aldi bringing up… The post Amazon tops ranking for customer experience appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Last year took grocery retailers for a wild ride as the industry worked to please shoppers amid turbulent times. The pandemic refused to go away. Inflation was higher than it has been in 40-plus years. Supply chain snarls continued. So, too, did the labor shortage. All these factors and more took a toll on the […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
  If a restaurants front door is ‘glass’ and has finger prints all over the glass my 91-year-old mother (still driving) will not enter. She says if the restaurant is that dirty outside how clean could the kitchen be? Could you be driving away your own customers? Steven Johnson our own Grocerant Guru® has a […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
90% of consumers believe technology will significantly improve the overall shopping experience, according to research released by Shekel Scales at NRF 2023. While nearly 60% of the 573 respondents cited technology that speeds and simplifies the self-checkout process, more than 30% expressed a desire for offerings that help them get in and out of the […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
I’m going to start the year with a controversial prediction: we are at the beginning of a massive wave of growth in martech. The next 7 years of expansion in our industry and profession will dwarf the past 7 years. I assume that’s a controversial claim because most people think this is going to be […]
  1. Data & Insights
There’s no doubt small businesses are a large part of the American economic fabric. In fact, the U.S. Small Business Administration Office reported 32.5 million small businesses in 2021, comprising 99.9 percent of companies nationwide and employing 61.2 million people. This year, Cox Business released results of its 2022 consumer sentiment survey, focused on uncovering […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
John Kucera, senior vice president for product management at Salesforce, co-authored this article with Christopher Dean. To watch a video version of this content, click here. Automation is a huge buzzword in the media and entertainment industry these days, for good reason: media and entertainment companies use it to fuel growth while keeping customers happy. […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
A new survey suggests that more than half of respondents said that in the past 12 months, they’ve actually walked out of stores where they intended to purchase items because the lines were too long.   Of those, the survey says, “84 percent said they have done so at least twice in the last year […]

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In a year when holiday spending on gifts, travel and entertainment was down 1 percent from the year prior, one age group bucked that trend in a huge way. Millennials, perhaps aided by increased incomes due to “The Great Reshuffle,” told us it would spend a whopping 11 percent more than it did in 2021, […]
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While some trends come and go, there were a few trends that have stayed with consumers throughout the year.   As online shopping continues to be a popular choice for consumers, physical stores can offer shoppers perks that e-commerce can’t replicate.    This week we look at trends to increase foot traffic and customer loyalty. […]