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It is the time of the year where students graduate from high school and university. Convocation speakers inspire and illuminate. Life lessons are shared and imparted. Here are some lines that have served as guides over the years. 1.Success is being able to spend your time in the way that creates joy. Success is sought […]
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NEW YORK — Revlon announced that it and certain of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. The Chapter 11 filing will allow Revlon to strategically reorganize its legacy capital structure and improve its long-term outlook, especially amid liquidity […]
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Revlon is blaming a rising debt load, supply chain disruptions and intense competition for the need to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company expects to receive $575 million in debtor-in-possession financing to continue operating its business. “By addressing these complex legacy debt constraints, we expect to be able to simplify our capital structure […]
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Frasers Group has sold its U.S. retail businesses, Bob’s Stores and Eastern Mountain Sports, for $70 million in cash to GoDigital Media Group. The acquisition of Bob’s, an apparel, footwear and workwear retailer, and outdoor apparel brand EMS, means GoDigital will add 900 employees, 42 stores and a warehouse fulfillment center to its organization. According […]
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Bon-Ton filed for bankruptcy in 2018 and shuttered its more than 200 stores. BrandX, which last year acquired the department store along with Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers, plans to bring Bon-Ton back online and open a store in 2023 under its banner.
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Axios reports that “dozens of Sears Hometown stores are closing and holding liquidation sales, according to Facebook posts from the shuttering locations … Sears Hometown was touted in a November 2019 news release as a ‘network of more than 400 independently-owned and operated, dealer-managed smaller-format stores’ selling ‘a range of home products, including appliances, lawn […]
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  There is no doubt that consumers are evolving with technology so fast many retailers feel that they can’t keep up, it cost too much to keep up, or that they should not try to keep up. The team at Foodservice Solutions® believes that it’s not the technology that’s the problem. The problem is how […]
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In an era of turbulence, it’s essential to make your business as sturdy as possible. If you’re in the retail industry, you know how tough things can be. In fact, during the first half of 2017, several significant retailers were forced to go out of business due to poor planning owing to economic inflation. With […]
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Photo by Obi – @pixel6propix on Unsplash When Oscar Orozco, the director of forecasting at eMarketer, set forth to model TikTok’s growth for 2021, he thought it had to slow down. People used TikTok for 38.6 minutes each day in 2020, approximating Facebook’s all-time high of 39.8 minutes. That was a year of lockdowns. And […]
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From the Buffalo News: “Four years after emerging from bankruptcy, Tops Markets is staging a comeback. “Tops is spending $120 million over four years to update many of its stores in the Buffalo market, where the Amherst-based grocer originated 60 years ago. “It’s a sign of better times for the once debt-strapped company that for […]
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There is no shortage of platforms out there to sell your old stuff. From thredUp and The RealReal to Facebook Marketplace to eBay, the tech world has long sought to capitalize on the generally wasteful attitude of consumerism over the last half century. But lurking among these platforms is a group not often thought about, […]
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Authentic Brands Group (ABG) has reportedly filed a lawsuit against one-click checkout service Bolt, claiming that the solution provider failed to deliver on promises in a contract related to the implementation of the technology, according to Bloomberg, The Business Journals and other media sources. ABG stated in a March 4 filing that it lost out […]
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Online businesses can be vulnerable to all kinds of unique lawsuits and liability issues. However, by putting in place certain protective measures, you can usually fend off these threats. Below are just a few great ways to legally protect your online business. Make sure all content is original (or used with permission) All online content […]
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Many innovative product startups dream of getting into stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Costco and more, but fail to think about whether that is even a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, getting your product into several thousand stores can be great, but if you’re not ready to handle that business your retail dreams may […]
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The supply of British eggs to retailers could see serious disruption as production costs soar by 30%, say producers. Trade body the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) says egg farmers are face unprecedented cost increases, leaving many on the brink of bankruptcy. They are losing money on every egg they produce and the situation has […]
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Image and identity are not the same and require different strategies to address problems. After reviewing numerous RFPs seeking agencies that were written by economic development professionals, I realized these terms are not generally well understood. I have often found that agencies are contracted to help with a company’s brand image when in fact, the […]

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Today in data, continued inflation and fears of a recession have contributed to a drop in the Consumer Confidence Index. Data $267.2B: Orders last month for manufactured durable goods, a sign that consumers were still spending despite inflation 98.7: The Consumer Confidence Index, down from 103.2 last month, and the lowest level since February 2021 43.2: Decline in […]
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This spring, we announced that iconic Fenway Park now offers Caper Counter’s AI-powered, contact-free checkout for fans in partnership with Aramark Sports + Entertainment. With the introduction of Caper Counter, baseball fans, concertgoers and more can now seamlessly access their favorite beverages and snacks – by simply placing items on the Counter where they are […]