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One by one, the tech CEOs apologized. They had failed to anticipate people’s behavior would return to normal once Covid restrictions lifted. So their projections for growth — in streaming, ecommerce, and the like — were way off. With expenses mounting and growth stagnating, they’d need to cut costs dramatically. Mass layoffs were coming. “This did […]
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At our TC Sessions: Crypto event last week in Miami, I sat down with Bitwise Asset Management General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Katherine Dowling, Perkins Coie Partner Sarah Shtylman and Paradigm Policy Director Justin Slaughter to talk about the crypto regulation landscape, with a specific focus on the U.S. What we didn’t know heading […]
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A powerful brand is the consistent identity of a trusted source. A powerful brand reflects its trusted reputation for quality, leadership, and integrity, underpinning all stakeholder relationships. A powerful brand is not merely a marketing concept. It is not an academic theory. It is not a line in an advertising slogan. A powerful brand is […]
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On Friday, we took note of a Fox Business story saying that “Sears Holdings has emerged from bankruptcy after more than 10,000 court filings and a four-year stay that saw the department store chain shrink from almost 700 stores to less than two dozen.  The bankruptcy estate’s reorganization plan took effect on Oct. 29, signaling […]
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Hey, friends! Welcome back to Week in Review, the newsletter where we recap the top TechCrunch headlines from the past seven days. Get it in your inbox every Saturday AM by signing up here. Ready? Let’s go. most read Twitter had a week so strange that it could easily make up this entire newsletter, so […]
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From Fox Business: “Sears Holdings has emerged from bankruptcy after more than 10,000 court filings and a four-year stay that saw the department store chain shrink from almost 700 stores to less than two dozen. “The bankruptcy estate’s reorganization plan took effect on Oct. 29, signaling an end to Chapter 11 and the start of […]
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Hours after news broke that Twitter lost top cybersecurity executive Lea Kissner, another round of departures deepened the company’s ongoing crisis. Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer first reported that Twitter’s Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth quit the company Thursday after just two weeks under Musk’s leadership. Robin Wheeler, who was elevated to lead Twitter’s marketing […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Contributed by Brightpearl.   A poll of 250 retailers found 45 per cent have surplus goods they’re desperate to offload – with fashion, toys and gifts, baby and toddler the sectors struggling the most being  And 59 per cent of those in this situation admit there’ll be ‘dangerous’ ramifications for their business if they fail […]
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Marketers and market driven organizations have long had a strong appreciation for the value of brands. Jim Mullin, Scottish businessman and CEO of Reach, PLC, expressed this value well: “Of all the things that your company owns, brands are far and away the most important and the toughest. Founders die. Factories burn down. Machinery wears […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
NEW YORK — Revlon announced on Thursday that the NYSE Regulatory Oversight Committee’s Committee for Review rejected the company’s appeal and affirmed the New York Stock Exchange Staff’s decision to delist the company’s Class A common stock following the June 15, 2022 Chapter 11 filing by the company and certain of its subsidiaries in the […]
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The proposed $25 billion Kroger-Albertsons merger is already running into significant opposition from progressive lawmakers and others, according to CNN. A Senate antitrust panel will hold a hearing next month on the Kroger-Albertsons merger focused on how the deal could impact competition in the grocery industry. This comes after several senators raised concerns and called on […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
Not surprisingly, lots of email about the proposed Kroger-Albertsons merger… An MNB reader weighed in: The pending merger of Kroger and Albertsons has a defined strategy for a spinoff of 100 – 375 stores into what is known as a SpinCo.  SpinCo’s exist for at least two major reasons: 1) To appease the regulatory authorities […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, Rite Aid and Tuesday Morning have elevated risks of bankruptcy, according to credit agencies. Others, such as Gap, may be forced to close stores and cut jobs. “The companies that were skating on the edge before Covid had this brief reprieve. Now we’re going back to the old rules,” […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
There are four seminal dates in the history of the Internet: October 29, 1969: On October 29, 1969, at 10:30 PM, a computer grad student named Charley Kline at UCLA sent a message to SRI (Stanford Research Institute.) It was the first connection between computer networks. We set up a telephone connection between us and […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
IAGO: “O, sir, content you; I follow him to serve my turn upon him:We cannot all be masters, nor all masters cannot be truly follow’d…”(Iago on serving his reviled master, Othello)–William Shakespeare, Othello, Act 1, Scene 1 I cannot think of a time when some type of business wasn’t on my mind. And with 40 […]
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Hi all! Welcome back to Week in Review, the newsletter where we quickly sum up some of the most read TechCrunch stories from the past seven days. The goal? Even when you’re swamped, a quick skim of WiR on Saturday morning should give you a pretty good understanding of what happened in tech this week. […]
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This video features a clip from a keynote presentation delivered by JC Curleigh, president and CEO of Gibson Brands, at Total Retail Tech in Nashville earlier this month. Curleigh tells the story of how he became CEO of Gibson Brands and helped lead the iconic music retailer out of bankruptcy, tapping into the brand’s history and innovating […]
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On the subject of a new Walmart+ offering which provides pickup services for products that customers want to return, one MNB reader wrote: Not very green! Do not see how it is economical. Maybe not. I have no idea how closely the metrics have been examined, but if there are trucks out there making deliveries […]
  1. Department: Consumer Durables
In April 2017, the authors of Legacy In The Making visited me at Patagonia’s headquarters, in Ventura, California, to talk about the legacy I’m building as the founder of Patagonia. We talked about a lot of things, some of which I’d never spoken about before. Afterward, when they asked me if I’d share some of […]
  1. Corporate Finance
Tuesday Morning has received a $32 million investment from Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV), the parent company of Pier 1 Imports, Linens ‘n Things, Stein Mart and other brands, and Ayon Capital. The funding, along with $3 million in convertible debt financing from certain Tuesday Morning leaders including CEO Fred Hand, will help the troubled retailer […]
  1. Corporate Finance
Tuesday Morning Corp., the Dallas-based off-price home goods retailer, has entered into an agreement to secure $32 million in debt financing from a special purpose vehicle (SPV) formed by Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV) — the owner of Pier 1 Imports, Linens ‘n Things, Stein Mart, Modell’s Sporting Goods — and Ayon Capital LLC. Additionally, several […]
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“We really compete on speed, flexibility, and value-add. We aren’t going to beat out a room full of Wharton MBAs. It’s just not going to happen … There [are] too many middle-market and lower middle-market players that can outbid us there, but where we can beat them is speed when running diligence in a turnaround […]

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By John Spiropoulos Media is filled with evolutionary step-change transitions which permanently alter the marketplace. Each evolutionary event, seen in terms of advertiser outlays – the media mix – is driven by incremental change during economic uncertainty. This is particularly true – and trackable – in modern times. Some of these events were covered in […]
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SMI Core data captures the actual spend data from the SMI Pool partners of major holding companies and large independent agencies, representing up to 95% of all US national brand ad spending, to provide a complete monthly view of the SMI Pool market size, investment share and category performance. Core Data delivers detailed ad intelligence across all media […]
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CINCINNATI — The Kroger Health Center for Advanced Community Care, a joint project of Kroger Health and the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. The Center employs pharmacists, technicians, nurse practitioners, and dietitians to provide an interprofessional model of care. It also provides practical experiences for students […]
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CHESAPEAKE, Va.— Dollar Tree executives said the retailer’s new pricing strategy lifted operating income nearly 23% to $381 million in the third quarter ended October 29. Top-line sales rose 8.1% to $6.94 billion. Comparable-store sales at its Dollar Tree stores increased 8.6% from a year earlier, while comps at its Family Dollar stores were up […]