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  1. Shopper & Customer
Most companies know they need to start transforming digitally to stay competitive, if they haven’t already. But it can be difficult to understand where to focus. Industry experts from the marketing community, Salesforce, and Cannes Lions, a global brand that fosters creative excellence, discussed how they and their communities are transforming digitally with ethics and […]
  1. Channel: Mass
Walmart will make its own technologies across both digital and physical channels available to other retailers. The company’s move includes integrating Walmart’s Marketplace, online and in-store fulfillment and pickup technologies into the Adobe Commerce platform. Retailers will be able to access Walmart’s cloud-based services to reach new customers through Marketplace and offer national two-day shipping […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Email mistake. Those two words are enough to send a pang of fear down any marketer’s spine. A bad typo in the subject line. An incorrect hyperlink. A personalized message to the, um, wrong person. Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes are more embarrassing than others — like when they happen in a brand email […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
To learn more about how consumer e-commerce habits and expectations are changing, we caught up with Brian McGlynn, general manager of e-commerce at Coveo, a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform that injects search, recommendations and personalization solutions into digital experiences.  In this Q&A interview, Brian shares insights from Coveo’s Relevance Report 2021: Ecommerce along with tips and tricks […]
  1. Partnerships & Alt Profit
The seismic shift back to authenticity will force some brands to sink or swim. “The bubble is going to burst.” That’s what we all kept hearing in the influencer marketing space in BC (before COVID). And then, the world changed for the worse. But for the tiny corner of the internet where influencers rule, one […]
  1. Operations & Supply Chain
If you’re a wholesale retailer or brand owner and you haven’t already launched a direct-to-consumer sales channel, you’d better be thinking about it. The global pandemic not only accelerated the growth in ecommerce, it highlighted the shortcomings of wholesale-only sales channels. There are plenty of good reasons to sell direct, from higher margins to insulation […]
  1. Merchandising
“We all know that on the digital shelf there is infinite competition with constantly changing requirements by your retail customers or your direct-to-consumer teams trying to deliver compelling product experiences to your end consumer.” — Joe Gaudreau, Head of Commerce Strategy at Salsify To truly compete on the digital shelf, brands must align their goals […]
  1. Fun & Humor
Consumers expect personalized experiences.  Yet they also grate at attempts by marketers to collect personal data about them to deliver these personalized experiences.  That’s a paradox that marketers increasingly have to navigate. There’s a fine line between cool and creepy, between personalization and stalking. For years, the default mode in marketing was to collect as […]
  1. CPG & FMCG
The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Wes Schroll, co-founder & CEO of Fetch Rewards, a mobile shopping platform that rewards shoppers for buying the brands they love.  Follow Wes on LinkedIn at: Fetch Rewards online at: http://fetchrewards.comDownload the Fetch Rewards app for iOS: the Fetch rewards app […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Raydiant’s Future of Workspace Series featured interviews with experts and professionals to learn more about how the workplace experience will evolve.  Here are some of our favorite responses: What Workplace Technologies Will Be The Most Important In The Years Ahead? Nick Iovacchini, CEO of KettleSpace A hybrid infrastructure includes more obvious communication and collaboration tools […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
Raydiant’s Future of Workspace Series featured interviews with experts and professionals to learn more about how the workplace experience will evolve. Here are some of our favorite responses: What will the workplace of the future look like? Nick Iovacchini, CEO of KettleSpace Hybrid is here to stay! This is a true sea change moment in […]
  1. Associates & Employees
Raydiant’s Future of Workspace Series featured interviews with experts and professionals to learn more about how the workplace experience will evolve. You likely don’t have time to read every interview so we’ve pulled together some of our favorite answers: Zoë Morris, President of Frank Recruitment Group and Mason Frank International If preparation is half the […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Last year, multiple lockdowns and store closures forced fashion retailers to go online. This digital transformation is the key to navigating today’s rocky runway. We have seen new shops, small shops and global fashion brands create or add a stronger online presence to adapt to the changes the pandemic created.   Another residual challenge that […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Your Retail Marketing Platform Should Power In-Store Media Just as Effectively as It Does Online Advertising Kate Barnhill,… Thu, 07/22/2021 – 1:13pm In a recent article, Steve Ustaris, VP Marketing at Inmar Intelligence, published his thoughts on the next step beyond retail media networks as a phase III – Retail Marketing Platforms. Reaching shoppers inside […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Askneo has launched a conversational chatbot for the Neo SMS platform that aims to use texting to turn mass customer outreach into personalized interactions at scale. The solution offers a no-code interface to help retail brands personalize sales and marketing with more human messages. With the addition of the SMS Bot, Neo aims to help […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
In the post-pandemic era, health has become one of the hot topics of the day, and Chinese consumers’ concern for their own health has risen to a new level. Experts in what consumers want and why, Mintel predicts that the Chinese in-home food and health supplements industry will see a boom in consumption.  According to […]
  1. Data & Insights
Mastering data is critical for retailers, particularly those serving specialty areas. The ability to reach consumers at the moments in time when they’re likely to make — or at least consider — key purchase decisions is the ultimate marketing challenge. This was especially true when COVID-19 accelerated triggers resulting from life events that motivated more people to […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
When we ponder the future of retail, the store is always involved in discussions. In fact, experts and practitioners across the retail spectrum largely agree that the store is a crucial vehicle for customer retention, engagement and loyalty.   Even once-digital only brands like Warby Parker have doubled down on their store investments. In fact, the eyewear darling plans to open another three dozen locations […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Apple’s iOS 15 release this fall will likely change email marketing. Among the updates is the ability for Apple Mail users to load external images privately, thereby blocking email marketing platforms from tracking opens. I addressed the release last month. The post 6 Steps to Prepare Email Marketing for iOS 15 appeared first on Practical […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The service industry is on the cusp of trying to redefine itself in the new age of retail. As consumer habits and expectations continue to change toward cleaner, safer, accurate and hyper-personalized experiences — during and after the pandemic — retail is struggling to fulfill such on-demand productization and experiences safely and efficiently. Today, retail […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
In order to maximize revenue opportunities online, many apparel and footwear brands are attempting to close the “fit gap.” This refers to the uncertainty many consumers feel shopping for fashion items as they try to determine which size is best for them. Depending on the brand, materials and how items are cut, they can either be true to size or require consumers to size […]
  1. Department: Beverage
CLEVELAND – Building on the success of its Global Market: Food & Beverage event in June, ECRM on Thursday announced plans for a massive virtual event this fall that will bring together buyers and product suppliers from around the world across all major consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories. ECRM’s 2021 Global Market: Fall Experience will […]

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  1. RetailWIt QuickWit
Here’s what was interesting in Retail today: Coca-Cola spurs 42% revenue growth (now $10.1B) after returning to pre-pandemic marketing spend (which doubled YOY). They invested in innovation, quality, and targeted allocation with their increased spend and beat earnings and revenue expectations in Q2. Target, Bed Bath and Beyond Open Doors To Third-Party Boutiques. The Store-within-a-store […]