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How Boisson Unlocked New Opportunities for NA

Boisson was created to make it easier for consumers to discover and learn about non-alcoholic beverage brands. The company helped jumpstart the market, which is projected to have a 25% compound annual growth rate through 2028. 

Founder Nick Bodkins had a vision where Boisson was “the Sephora of NA,” bringing together the power of an immersive ecommerce experience, neighborhood-style stores with passionate employees, and a wholesale strategy that drove growth for new brands. Although Boisson recently announced it would be undergoing a restructuring and immediately shuttering its stores, Bodkins’ vision, and the innovation within the Boisson business, showed what is truly possible for the NA market. Listen to this episode of Retail Remix to: 

  • Hear Nick’s perspective on the evolving NA market;
  • Learn how Boisson is thinking long-term about wholesale distribution and growth;
  • Get insights on how the VC market could influence the current state, and future, of NA; and 
  • Understand why Boisson’s approach to brick-and-mortar was so innovative—and what your brand can learn from it. 


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