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Inside the World’s Most Innovative Retail Stores

As Head of Trends for Insider Trends, Jack Stratten has toured some of the world’s newest, and most innovative, retail stores. Through these tours, he has been able to uncover how consumer behaviors have shaped storytelling techniques, technology integration and more. 

During the NRF Big Show, Jack sat down with host Alicia Esposito to discuss the key trends he’s uncovered in his tours around the world, as well as what he loves most about some of the Big Apple’s top shops. Listen to learn: 

  • Why Glossier is a great model for innovative brick-and-mortar storytelling; 

  • How brands can incorporate surprise and delight effectively in stores; and 

  • How to do innovation right in physical retail spaces. 


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  • Check out a recent webinar featuring Jack and his friend Ian Scott, as they discuss the evolution of store spaces

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