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Gluten-free bakery brand Mrs Crimble’s has started a marketing campaign on TikTok. The brand is using the social media platform for an interactive rap challenge designed to entice a new generation to buy its cakes. The promotion uses social influencers to create rap verses on how they enjoy the cakes, while challenging other TikTok users […]
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Check out this provocative video from Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business, as well as a writer, entrepreneur, podcaster and public speaker. In it, Galloway talks about the implications of the fact that “TikTok captures more monthly hours from users than Facebook and Instagram – combined.” One […]
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As a cloud of uncertainty hangs over housing prices and rising interest rates are taking a bite out of buying power, the case for staying in place is as strong as it’s been in years. It’s a scenario that is not only prompting consumers to make the most of the space they already have but one […]
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Many social media platforms have undergone impressive growth the past few years, as the pandemic drove people indoors, in front of screens and searching for connection.  To address this need, many brands are spending big on social media, turning to influencers to make more personal (and profitable) connections with consumers. In fact, global marketers are […]
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In a world where marketers are tasked with engaging consumers across a growing abundance of channels and platforms, it can be challenging to establish relationships that feel genuine and personal. And while brand building remains global marketers’ top objective, mass reach channels may not always fit the bill. With a focus on brand building, marketers […]
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Social commerce, the latest darling of digital marketers, continues its meteoric rise with the latest predictions putting the industry at $1.2 trillion in purchases by 2025. With more than $958 billion spent in 2021, it’s clear that social commerce represents a very real, profitable tactic for brands. No wonder there’s hunger to invest. But at […]
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User-generated content can be gold for marketing. Find out how brands can leverage the hot social media platform to engage buyers. The post Click into the power of UGC marketing on TikTok appeared first on The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience.
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Looking to switch up your social content? This infographic provides five stats that all social media marketers should know. Regardless of whether your company has completely abandoned Facebook or you’re waiting with bated breath to see what Elon Musk eventually does to Twitter, social media strategy is a must for any successful organization. [RELATED: Enter […]
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With the world’s largest grocery catalog at our fingertips, we’ve had a front row seat to the food trends and eye-popping stats that illustrate how people are eating, drinking and shopping over the past decade.
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Photo by Obi – @pixel6propix on Unsplash When Oscar Orozco, the director of forecasting at eMarketer, set forth to model TikTok’s growth for 2021, he thought it had to slow down. People used TikTok for 38.6 minutes each day in 2020, approximating Facebook’s all-time high of 39.8 minutes. That was a year of lockdowns. And […]
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  Success does leave clues and at Taco Bell they know that consumer focused interactive participatory marketing food Marketing drives customer engagement driving top-line sales and bottom-line profits according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.   At the intersection of yesterday’s menu, older customers, industry buzz, and social media Taco […]
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If you are wondering if niche marketing has hit a new high or new low it just might depend on what cards you are delt. Most of you have read, Micro Trends, the small forces behind tomorrow’s big changes by Mark J. Penn.  While you may understand that big-rich ‘data’ is the solution to all […]
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The most important step is finding the right influencers to speak to your audience. Here’s how. If you’ve never worked with TikTok influencers before, the whole affair can seem daunting, from finding the right people to paying the right price or producing the right content. But it really doesn’t have to be scary. Let Rome […]
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NEW YORK, NY (May 9, 2022) The Specialty Food Association (SFA) has revealed the winners of its 50th Annual sofi™ Awards, a celebration of culinary excellence and creativity. Available only to product-qualified members of the SFA, the sofi Awards were judged at the Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University (FIC), the SFA’s partner for the […]
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Bloomberg has a piece in which it writes that “while Instacart sales are still higher compared to pre-pandemic levels, its year-over-year sales growth and average sales per customer are declining. However, Instacart is continuing to see sales growth in some metro areas like Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York.” There are a number of reasons for […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
RTIH Editor, Scott Thompson, brings you his stand out ‘future of retail’ systems deployments from last month, including NFT collections, checkout-free stores, and TikTok shopping events.  Wakefern Food Corp. Wakefern Food Corp., the largest retailer owned cooperative in the US, has announced a pilot with Simbe Robotics to deploy its business intelligence solution, Tally, at […]
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Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media brand in the US, according to survey results contained in the latest Infinite Dial report [pdf] from Edison Research, produced in partnership with Wondery and ART19. But while Facebook usage is flat, other platforms are growing in adoption, per the results.
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CHICAGO — IRI is partnering with TikTok to deliver custom marketing and media mix effectiveness insights to consumer retailers and manufacturers that advertise on the platform. Through this partnership, IRI will incorporate TikTok’s aggregated, privacy-centric advertising reports into its marketing effectiveness solution, IRI Marketing Mix. Optimized specifically for marketing mix models, the reports will help provide retail […]
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RTIH asks major players in the retail technology space for their thoughts on the industry, and throws in a random question to keep them on their toes.  This time around, our five questions go to Seb Robert, CEO and Founder at same day and last mile delivery specialist Gophr. RTIH: Looking at the hottest retail technologies […]
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Instagram is the third-favorite, but the most widely used on a monthly basis. It has finally happened: after 6 years at the top, Snapchat has ceded its position as teens’ favorite social media platform in Piper Sandler’s Taking Stock with Teens survey, with TikTok taking over as of the latest, Spring 2022, edition. One in 3 […]
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Soda Folk will this week debut live on TikTok as the social media giant’s first soft drinks partner. The brand’s US inspired sodas are now shoppable on TikTok’s new live streams hosted by the platform’s top influencers and creators. Additionally, users can shop through short videos and via a product showcase tab on the Soda […]

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Instant grocery startups sprang up and grew like weeds during COVID-19, fueled by consumers opting to practice social distancing and ready to order their food and sundries at the tap of an app, and VCs seeing an gap in the delivery market that had yet to be definitively filled. Now, perhaps inevitably, comes the consolidation.
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A consumer confidence monitor that has been running since 1974 recorded its lowest-ever score this month. The well-established GfK index was down to -40 for May, meaning consumers are less confident now than at any time for nearly half a century. Joe Staton, client strategy director at GfK, said: “This comes as UK unemployment hits […]
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Giving credit where credit is due.  The grocerant niche filled with Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food continues to drive top-line sales and bottom-line profits in every channel of retail foodservice.  According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® the recent insights by the NPD group show just have important the […]