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Brand “purpose” has been all the rage in recent years. The notion of brand purpose rests on the assumption that a brand, product, or company should stand for something more important than just the functional benefits it delivers. A purpose is the reason a product or company exists and what it stands for beyond the […]
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BlockCubChicago reports that attempts by upscale c-store chain Foxtrot to open a store in the city’s Andersonville neighborhood are facing resistance by locals, who argue that “saying another chain in the neighborhood would further harm local shops.” According to the story, “Besides the increasing presence of chains in Andersonville, Foxtrot’s move to open on Clark […]
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We welcome Brendan Witcher, Forrestor’s VP & Principal Analyst back to the pod to get his always insightful and provocative perspectives on retailer’s priorities for 2024. He helps us separate the real from the imagined with a preview of his upcoming report on where retailers are placing their bets for the future. We start with his […]
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​[[“value”:” This audio is auto-generated. Please let us know if you have feedback. Warby Parker’s third-quarter net revenue increased 14.2% year over year to $169.8 million, according to a company press release Wednesday. The direct-to-consumer vision company’s net loss improved about 27% to $17.4 million and gross margin decreased from 56.7% to 54.6%, driven in part by […]
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The landscape of online retailing encompasses everything from drop-shipping and wholesaling to subscription and white-labeling, allowing entrepreneurs to choose the optimal business model to align with their brand’s vision and capabilities.    Choosing the right eCommerce business model can significantly impact a brand’s success, and it requires a comprehensive understanding of each model’s nuances. Key factors […]
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) has been a long-standing tradition in terms of holiday shopping. Consumers have evolved so much but this tradition seems timeless.  Ever wondered how ‘Black Friday’ came into existence? Back in the 1980s, a large group of suburban tourists would often hit Philadelphia to do their shopping on the Friday […]
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The adult beverage industry has been slower than most to come online. The complicated patchwork of state laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages has been one factor, but this particular industry’s digital revolution also has been delayed by its inherent structure. “The wine industry is a very old-school business, and it’s a distributor-driven business […]
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Omnichannel marketing typically involves using a combination of digital and physical channels, such as websites, social media, email, SMS, mobile apps, in-store experiences, and customer service interactions. By leveraging data and technology, brands can track customer behavior across channels, and then use this information to create more personalized and relevant experiences. Omnichannel marketing can help […]
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It’s been more than a decade since the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model forever changed the world of consumer brands. With an iconic cohort of industry disruptors, including Warby Parker, Casper, and Harry’s, the model paved the way for an explosion of businesses built upon direct and authentic relationships with their customers and, in some cases, […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
While the COVID-19 pandemic did slow the economy down amidst a lot of problems, it also led to an e-commerce surge and accelerated digital transformation by 5 years. What was considered futuristic is now being experienced in the present and businesses who haven’t implemented them are considered outdated. This is because, with growing advancements, comes […]
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Retailers have always been at the forefront of consumer needs. They know their markets and have adapted to meet them. From blade signs to the metaverse, retail has transformed itself over and over. But like many things, trends can be cyclical. And what used to work, then didn’t work, can ultimately work better than before. […]
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Is your business future ready? The e-commerce industry is continuously changing, so being up to date is crucial. In order to provide a seamless and engaging consumer experience across all touchpoints, including mobile commerce, beacon technology, and CTV advertising, the future of commerce must be fully omnichannel. Businesses must adopt a pipeline strategy, relying on […]
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Get to know RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Influencers through the “Meet the TRI” Q&A series! Dive in to learn about a member of the thought leader community and follow their work and insights across our content and their social channels. Hi, I’m Andrew Neelon, Founder & CEO, 1REC. Connect with me on LinkedIn! “Tell us […]
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This week we take on the question of whether we are on the cusp of a retail disruptor apocalypse, with the help of return guest Daniel McCarthy, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business and leading expert on customer-based corporate valuation. Before Dan joins us we briefly review the similarities between […]
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In case you haven’t noticed, the retail industry has been transformed by digital technology, and more and more consumers are turning to mobile shopping apps to purchase products. However, it turns out that only 33 percent of retailers currently offer this capability, according to a recent assessment of the solutions and services of 300 brands. […]
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The CPG (consumer-packaged goods) industry is on an exciting and transitionary path. Virtually everything about the category has changed over the last 15 years, from the way brands develop and bring products to market to how consumers learn about and purchase them. Obstacles that once protected legacy brands’ share of the market and prevented new […]
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Warby Parker, one of the first retail startups to use a direct-to-consumer business model, is planning to open hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores with eye exam spaces over the next few years due to customer demand for physical destinations that offer eye examinations, according to co-CEO David Gilboa, in a report on CNBC.com. By the end of 2022, the […]
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It’s been more than five years since direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) legends like Warby Parker, Away, and Everlane came of age and completely upended the retail ecosystem and forever changed the way we think about building brands. Barriers to entry collapsed. First-party data and social media forged ongoing, direct relationships between new brands and their customers. It was a heady bunch of years to be […]
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“Bricks-and-mortar store owners are emerging from the pandemic with surprising strength, posting some of their best numbers in years and plotting expansions as more Americans venture out to buy things again,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “U.S. retail vacancy fell to 6.1% in the second quarter, the lowest level in at least 15 years, while […]
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Last Friday, RETHINK Retail hosted their September Small Groups Mixer, a monthly virtual event catered to all of 2022’s Top Retail Influencers (TRI). This month attendees discussed a range of topics including the Upcoming Holiday Season, Inventory Management, and CPG companies & their DTC approach. During the mixer, one topic that was discussed at length […]
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News that Haus, a consumer beverage brand looking to bring down the ABV in booze, had failed to close a funding round and was being forced to sell took many — this publication included — by surprise. Perhaps we should have been less taken aback. Tracking the value of recently public DTC companies is an […]
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When Valentine’s Day approaches, the world’s craving for fresh roses reaches its peak. Swissport, a leader in the global logistics arena, orchestrates the movement of over 9,000 tons of these love tokens through its acclaimed Flower Corridor, spanning from the Kenyan highlands to Europe.
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Here’s today’s AdExchanger.com news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here. The Sky Bridges Standalone walled gardens are transforming into an interconnected network of fortresses. It’s not that walled gardens are opening up, exactly, but individual platforms are now actively partnering to allow one-to-one user targeting and other use cases among themselves – but […]
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ZAANDAM, The Netherlands — Ahold Delhaize reported solid results for its fourth quarter and 2023 fiscal year, with full-year sales and earnings per share in line with expectations. Fourth quarter net sales were €23.0 billion ($24.65 billion), up 1.9% at constant exchange rates and down 1.4% at actual exchange rates. Comparable sales, excluding gas, increased […]
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The Wall Street Journal reports that “Walmart is shopping in the TV aisle to help grow its advertising business.  The retail giant is in talks to buy smart television-manufacturer Vizio for more than $2 billion, according to people familiar with the situation. The move would give Walmart more places where it can sell ads and pitch […]
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We just launched the YipitData Consumer Spend Index (YCSI),  a measure of overall and category-level non-seasonally adjusted US retail sales as observed in a large transaction panel.  In January, YCSI showed consumer spending Y/Y growth (ex-gas stations) decelerated slightly from December. Y/Y growth in core retail sales was relatively stable over this period. YCSI saw […]