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Our guest this week is Andrew Lipsman, Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence, recorded live at the recently completed GroceryShop event in Las Vegas.  We go deep into the burgeoning world of retail media networks, exploring what they are, how they work, and why they have become arguably the most exciting growth area for retailers in […]
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The CPG (consumer-packaged goods) industry is on an exciting and transitionary path. Virtually everything about the category has changed over the last 15 years, from the way brands develop and bring products to market to how consumers learn about and purchase them. Obstacles that once protected legacy brands’ share of the market and prevented new […]
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Warby Parker, one of the first retail startups to use a direct-to-consumer business model, is planning to open hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores with eye exam spaces over the next few years due to customer demand for physical destinations that offer eye examinations, according to co-CEO David Gilboa, in a report on CNBC.com. By the end of 2022, the […]
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It’s been more than five years since direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) legends like Warby Parker, Away, and Everlane came of age and completely upended the retail ecosystem and forever changed the way we think about building brands. Barriers to entry collapsed. First-party data and social media forged ongoing, direct relationships between new brands and their customers. It was a heady bunch of years to be […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
“Bricks-and-mortar store owners are emerging from the pandemic with surprising strength, posting some of their best numbers in years and plotting expansions as more Americans venture out to buy things again,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “U.S. retail vacancy fell to 6.1% in the second quarter, the lowest level in at least 15 years, while […]
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Last Friday, RETHINK Retail hosted their September Small Groups Mixer, a monthly virtual event catered to all of 2022’s Top Retail Influencers (TRI). This month attendees discussed a range of topics including the Upcoming Holiday Season, Inventory Management, and CPG companies & their DTC approach. During the mixer, one topic that was discussed at length […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
News that Haus, a consumer beverage brand looking to bring down the ABV in booze, had failed to close a funding round and was being forced to sell took many — this publication included — by surprise. Perhaps we should have been less taken aback. Tracking the value of recently public DTC companies is an […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
What is insurtech? And why is it growing so fast, attracting a record $5.3 billion in investment in the last quarter of 2021? The simple answer: Insurtech is any new insurance technology that helps to uplevel aging systems and propel digital innovation. With insurtech, everyone — from underwriters to brokers to policyholders — immediately benefits. […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
Warby Parker lowered its financial forecast for the year and cut 63 jobs, about 15 percent of its corporate workforce, as it seeks to cut costs. “We are taking a disciplined approach to managing costs to set us up for sustainable growth and profitability,” said CFO Steve Miller.
  1. Shopper & Customer
Warby Parker is cutting 63 corporate jobs as part of a restructuring effort, representing approximately 15% of its corporate workforce or 2% of all employees, according to a letter obtained by Retail TouchPoints. The layoffs will not impact members of Warby Parker’s Lab team or customer-facing retail or customer experience teams. “As we have discussed […]
  1. Associates & Employees
The direct-to-consumer pioneer and eyeware brand Warby Parker is eliminating 63 corporate positions, or 15 percent of its corporate workforce, Business Insider first reported this week. In an internal memo to employees, Warby Parker co-founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa said the layoffs included customer-facing roles on the retail and consumer experience teams, as well […]
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Hang, a B2B startup, is using NFTs to innovate loyalty programs for a number of big brands. The firm’s clients include Budweiser, Bleacher Report, Pinkberry, Bonnaroo and Superfly. “For most brands at a certain scale, it’s pretty hard to offset increasing customer acquisition costs,” Hang co-founder and CEO Matt Smolin said to CNBC in a […]
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You’ve probably seen this quote before, it shows up at nearly every Brand conference: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” How do you make people feel? Too often startups and entrepreneurs focus on their killer code–the disruptive ding they […]
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For most of the time that retailers have existed, the only option shoppers had when they wanted to buy something was to go to a physical store and purchase in person. Then came eCommerce, which added online shopping to the mix, and more recently, the emergence of the omnichannel commerce concept, which some industry players […]
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  There is no doubt that consumers are evolving with technology so fast many retailers feel that they can’t keep up, it cost too much to keep up, or that they should not try to keep up. The team at Foodservice Solutions® believes that it’s not the technology that’s the problem. The problem is how […]
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  Despite all the hype, after gobs of venture capital investment, several high profile IPO’s and some big moves into physical retail, the OG’s of the new wave of DTC are running into trouble. Most of the digitally native brands that were supposed to disrupt the retail industry (think Warby Parker, Stitch Fix, Allbirds, Caspar, […]
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Online shopping might be easy, convenient and prolific, yet it hasn’t erased the need for flagship brick-and-mortar retail establishments. In fact, retail real estate is undergoing a phenomenal — and some might say surprising — comeback. As REJournals reported, roughly 60 percent of businesses with physical retail assets plan to expand their footprints in 2022. What’s driving the momentum? […]
  1. Retail Ecosystem
“The future is already here, it’s just not very distributed.” – William Gibson Ever since the pandemic began, the narrative of a great acceleration in online shopping has taken hold, with some even claiming that we experienced 10 years of e-commerce growth in a matter of months. While many markets did see a huge surge […]
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Young brands led by tech-savvy, marketing-aware entrepreneurs are snapping at the heels of established, more traditionally led brands, and their growth illustrates the success of their model. Emerging as “blands,” these B-to-C businesses are disrupting the e-commerce market by focusing on a holistic and true multichannel experience for customers. What are blands? In a recent […]
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Triple Whale, an analytics platform for Shopify brands, has raised $27.7 million in an extended Series A, the company’s first announced funding round since its foundation in May 2021. This consists of a $24 million investment led by Elephant VC, alongside a previously undisclosed $2.7 million seed round led by NFX, and an additional $1 […]
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For several years, the business press and business books have promoted the idea of resilience. The notion of a resilient enterprise or a resilient brand has been bandied about one of the goals of business management and leadership. Resilience is now beyond a buzzword: it is a critical and desired characteristic. Resilience is important. The […]
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Big Technology is a weekly newsletter dedicated to covering the tech world with honest, nuanced reporting. Join the 12,000+ subscribers who tune into Big Technology for tech news without the spin. Here’s an easy way to subscribe: Subscribe now Visit: Lex-markets.com They were the hottest names in tech. Brands like Warby Parker, Stitch Fix, FIGS, […]

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Do you like numbers? Do you like retail systems news? Then this is the article for you. Including Emperia, Amazon UK, Mercaux, Gemba, Adobe, and Twinco Capital. $18 million…Gemba, a virtual reality training startup used by the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Amazon, has bagged $18 million in a Series A round of funding from […]
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The RETHINK Retail team ventured to NYC from January 14-17th for NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show. While there, we had the opportunity to speak with attendees from our Top Retail Influencer community and learn about their event experience. #TRI members–Ian Scott, Martin Newman, Melissa Gonzalez, Melissa Minkow, Nikki Baird, Ron Thurston, Stewart Samual, and Thomas […]