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  How is it that United Airlines understands that consumers want grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food and so many legacy grocery stores stutter at discussing the idea?  Restaurants have had great success selling grocerant niche meals and meal components for takeout and delivery.   According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru®at Tacoma, WA based […]
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Regular readers of this blog know that PepPlace, was a one-month popup, launched in partnership with Famous Dave’s, had a beverage-first menu, with a mix and match food beverage customer first focus targeting insights from one of the hallmarks of the grocerant niche mix & match meal component bunding according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru®at Tacoma, […]
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  The age-old question; What’s for Dinner, is at the intersection of saving time and inflation weights heavily on consumer minds today. At Sprouts they are just beginning to see how important that intersection can be to their top and bottom-line according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.   The […]
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by Michael Sansolo It’s an oldie but a goodie: The single best thing to put into a pie isn’t apple, cherry or pecans. It’s your teeth. But there may be an even more important ingredient in any pie and it’s a reason why especially in the holiday season people connect food with memories and family […]
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On November 18th, RETHINK Retail hosted their November Small Groups Mixer, a monthly virtual event catered to all of 2022’s Top Retail Influencers (TRI). This month attendees discussed a range of topics including Immersive Commerce, Technology Innovation in Retail Leadership, Restaurant Transformation, and Automation, and Takeaways from Walmart and Target’s Q3 Earnings Report. Here, we’ll […]
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Whether you’re a company that staffs employees or a self-employed individual, you need to know how much you made each year, calculate your taxes, and reduce the risk of legal errors. While you could use pay stubs to advertise your startup to potential employees or customers, it can also make you legally compliant in states […]
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Yesterday we referenced a story about how Beyond Meat “has lost some of its sizzle,” as management and investors try to figure out where there are inherent limitations in the category. Now comes this piece from Bloomberg: “Photos and internal documents from a Beyond Meat Inc. plant in Pennsylvania show apparent mold, Listeria and other food-safety issues, […]
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The Washington Post has a fascinating story about how The Netherlands “has used advances in vertical farming, seed technology and robotics to become a global model” for how to become a major food exporter fighting way above its weight class. An excerpt: “The rallying cry in the Netherlands started two decades ago, as concern mounted […]
  1. Channel: Home Improvement
The other day we took note of an Associated Press report that “a coalition of consumer groups is asking grocery chains to rethink their digital-only coupons, saying the deals discriminate against people who don’t have smartphones or reliable internet access.” The argument, as advanced by Edgar Dworsky, a consumer advocate and former assistant attorney general […]
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  Giving customers what they want when they want it is a success clue that every foodservice operator needs to keep top of mind.  Today, grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food continues to drive innovation, customer migration, top-line sales, and bottom-line profits according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice […]
  1. CPG: Food
Yogurt producer Nomadic Dairy has made its first foray into a non-yogurt category with two protein puddings, launching this month in Spar stores. The two flavours – vanilla and chocolate – will then go into Morrisons in early January 2023. Each 200g pot contains 20g of protein, is low in fat and contains no added […]
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A couple of years ago, retail store shelves were mostly empty. Today, as manufacturers, we face a much different problem: shelf space for household consumables is shrinking. To make their brick-and-mortar locations more appealing, retail outlets continue to expand the footprint of prepared foods, fresh offerings, and other ancillary offerings designed to deliver convenience, value […]
  1. Department: Food
•  From the New York Times: “Beyond Meat has lost some of its sizzle. “Its stock has slumped nearly 83 percent in the past year. Sales, which the company had expected to rise as much as 33 percent this year, are now likely to show only minor growth. McDonald’s concluded a pilot of the McPlant […]
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  Consumers continue seeking meal solutions particularly those solutions that save time, save on planning a meal, save them from cooking, according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® who stated, “Grocery store deli departments have become innovative in what meals and meal component they are offering and how they are […]
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Poultry producer Moy Park is offering customers football-related prizes during the World Cup. Shoppers who buy Moy Park breaded chicken products can enter via a peel-off sticker on the pack, where they will find a QR code that will take them to an online entry form. Prizes include a PS5 and FIFA bundle, a team […]
  1. Department: Beverage
by Kevin Coupe After 21 years of doing this, the following story seems like the perfect MNB Eye Opener… The New York Times reports on a German study in which scientists fed 10 cows industrial hemp with high levels of THC, and then observed that “compared with cows that received the usual diet of corn […]
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It’s that special time of year, when retailers around the world look to bolster their ranks with seasonal staff to meet the surging demand of the holidays. Advances in training and support tools that aid the onboarding process of these recruits can ensure that new agents are ready to deliver a cheerful (and on-brand) experience […]
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Millennials are inviting friends into their home for Thanksgiving Dinner this year, with any luck you will be one of the friends.  In fact, Millennials will have an average of 9.8 people at the table this year, compared to the total average of 7.4, according to IRI’s findings. Some will have company for several days […]
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When businesses see signs of an economic downturn, the natural reaction is to cut costs and try to do more with less. However, there’s one area where your marketing team shouldn’t look to trim: harnessing the first-party data you collect directly from customers.  This information gained through call center interactions, mobile app behavior, and loyalty […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
Who doesn’t like a good money-saving deal? It’s human nature to want to save money. “Free shipping! $10 Off! Gift with order! Save 20%! Buy one get one free!” These are all common offers that motivate customers to purchase. We all know that promotional offers increase the rate of response. How do you keep from […]
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What is big data? How does data help produce artificial intelligence (AI)? How can retailers utilize data and AI best to positively impact their business? Asha Saxena, CEO and founder of Women Leaders in Data and AI, delivered a keynote presentation during Total Retail Tech earlier this year in Nashville. In this video clip from her session, Saxena discusses […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
RETHINK Retail is pleased to announce the exclusive community of Global Retail Leaders. This collective is comprised of senior executives leading vision and transformation at the world’s top retail companies and the trajectory of the retail industry as a whole. The Global Retail Leaders (GRL) is a worldwide network of the most influential executives with […]
  1. Channel: Delivery
Authors: Blake Hoge, Sr Governance, Risk, and Compliance Engineer, and James Cha, Sr Security Engineer Building trust with our retailer partners is one of Instacart’s highest priorities. Instacart CEO Fidji Simo sets the tone at the top at every company-wide meeting, emphasizing to our teams just how critical retailer trust is to our mission. This […]
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Auzerais went from baking for friends to building a DTC bakery empire in a week. Yes, you read that right. This exponential growth has been documented by multiple publications. Currently, Blondery ships over 75,000 shipments per week nationwide.  So how did this huge success happen, and how does Auzerais handle it all? We sat with […]

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By John Spiropoulos Media is filled with evolutionary step-change transitions which permanently alter the marketplace. Each evolutionary event, seen in terms of advertiser outlays – the media mix – is driven by incremental change during economic uncertainty. This is particularly true – and trackable – in modern times. Some of these events were covered in […]
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SMI Core data captures the actual spend data from the SMI Pool partners of major holding companies and large independent agencies, representing up to 95% of all US national brand ad spending, to provide a complete monthly view of the SMI Pool market size, investment share and category performance. Core Data delivers detailed ad intelligence across all media […]
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CINCINNATI — The Kroger Health Center for Advanced Community Care, a joint project of Kroger Health and the University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. The Center employs pharmacists, technicians, nurse practitioners, and dietitians to provide an interprofessional model of care. It also provides practical experiences for students […]
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CHESAPEAKE, Va.— Dollar Tree executives said the retailer’s new pricing strategy lifted operating income nearly 23% to $381 million in the third quarter ended October 29. Top-line sales rose 8.1% to $6.94 billion. Comparable-store sales at its Dollar Tree stores increased 8.6% from a year earlier, while comps at its Family Dollar stores were up […]