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Walmart+ Members will Get First Dibs on New Products During 24-Hour Event

From 12 noon ET on Monday, April 29 through noon on April 30, the Walmart+ Early Access online sales event will offer program members a curated assortment of products new to Walmart — including Dolly Parton’s Rockin’ New Baking Collection, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Mystery Flavor, Pampers diapers and men’s and women’s shoes from Reebok.

“Walmart+ members have shown significant engagement with our digital offerings, particularly in the grocery sector, so we’re excited to offer them a shopping event like no other where they can shop a wide selection of limited-edition grocery items and more, all with the benefit of free shipping and no additional fees that’s offered through every Walmart+ membership,” said a company spokesperson in an email to Retail TouchPoints.

Exclusive member perks are a common tactic to enhance the value of paid membership programs like Walmart+. However, Walmart’s biggest rival Amazon has been broadening some of its offers beyond the members of its ultra-popular Prime program. In November 2023, Amazon Fresh expanded its grocery delivery services to non-Prime members, with plans to offer two-hour delivery from both Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods supermarkets. Additionally, Amazon’s spring sale in March 2024 was open to all customers, not just Prime members as its spring and fall Prime Days events are, although members did have access to exclusive deals.

In February 2022 Walmart+ created its own Prime Day-style shopping holiday, Walmart+ Exclusive Access, and in July 2023 Walmart+ cut membership fees in half for customers receiving government assistance.

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