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Convenience Stores Elevated Fresh Foods Sales Success Crushing Blow for Grocery Deli’s


the intersection of growth fresh food sales specifically Ready-2-Eat and
Heat-N-Eat prepared food the convenience store sector is simply trouncing the
grocery store sector.  In fact, Steven
Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® stated,
grocery stores should be embarrassed by the way the convenience store sector
and garnered share of stomach by simply focusing on the eating habits of our evolving

the Grocerant Guru®, I’ve always championed the grocery store deli as a
delicious and convenient option for busy shoppers. But let’s face the facts,
folks – convenience stores are giving the grocery store deli a run for their
money. On top of that restaurant takeout food growth is simply another point of
market share capitulation by grocery stores.  

the skinny: Convenience store foodservice sales are booming, with prepared
foods making up a whopping 33.9% of their in-store gross profits. That’s
a bigger slice of the pie than grocery store delis can claim these days.

the shift? Convenience stores are winning on three fronts:

Speed and Simplicity: They excel at grab-and-go options. Think hot dogs rolling on a
warmer, pre-made salads, and single-serve beverages – perfect for time-pressed

Value for Money: Convenience stores often undercut grocery stores on price,
especially for prepared food items. Their lower labor costs and focus on
pre-made options allow them to offer competitive pricing.

Adapting to Trends: Convenience stores are constantly innovating. They’re offering
healthier options like fruit cups and yogurt parfaits alongside classic
favorites. Plus, many feature hot food options that rival fast food joints.

fret not, grocery stores are still too large to just fade away! They still have
the upper hand in several areas:

Variety: Grocery
store delis offer a wider selection, with options to cater to different dietary
needs and preferences. From gourmet cheeses to organic salads, we can provide a
more customized experience.

Quality: We
can often boast fresher ingredients and higher quality preparation compared to
convenience stores that rely heavily on pre-made items.

Synergy with Grocery Shopping: The deli is a natural pitstop during a grocery
shopping trip. Customers can grab a meal to go while picking up groceries for
the week.

Want to Build a Larger


Focus on Today’s Customers

Not Yesterday’s Wall Street Metrics 

a few ways that grocery stores could bounce back: They need to up their deli
game! Focus in on:

Fresh, Appealing Displays: Make delis look vibrant and appetizing.

Shorter Wait Times: Streamline service to compete with the speedy nature of convenience

Innovative Offerings: Feature unique, chef-inspired dishes that can’t be found at the
corner store.

Highlighting Quality: Showcase the fresh ingredients and culinary expertise that goes
into deli offerings.

combining the customer focused touchpoints including; convenience, price, and
quality the grocery store deli can reclaim a place as a destination for grab-and-go
meals. It’s time to make the deli aisle a destination, not an afterthought.

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