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  1. CPG: Food, the world’s largest virtual shopping mall, has teamed up with Mars to launch the Starburst Juicyverse, a vibrant and colorful metaverse filled with fruit-inspired characters and designs, in collaboration with MetaVRse and BambuMeta® Web3 Loyalty. The new addition to’s virtual shopping experience was unveiled at SXSW 2023, and features a range of exclusive […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
The whirlwind of the pandemic and the fluctuating economy over the last few years has left retailers quickly adapting to the new demands of today’s consumers. Now that the dust has settled a bit, retailers continue to look for new ways to provide the best experience for shoppers — both in-store and online. Furthermore, they’re […]
  1. Data & Insights
In this series, Talk data to me, we chat with leaders from the world’s biggest brands and agencies about how they’re using insights to drive their business strategies. We caught up with Matt Oakley, global head of data and analytics at Hotwire Global, to get his thoughts on using data to define business strategy, the […]
  1. Channel: Ecommerce & Digital
Bryan Wiener is one of the early digital pioneers who has created over half a billion dollars of shareholder value across the many companies he has either co-founded or helped grow and sell. He is best known for his leadership of 360i which he sold to Dentsu and his turnaround of Profitero which he sold […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Starbucks released its first paid collection of NFTs today, selling all 2,000 Siren items in just 18 minutes. The company dubbed its release “Siren Collection,” with 2,000 NFTs worth $100… The post Starbucks releases “The Siren NFT Collection” which sells out in 18 minutes appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
E-Commerce Nation, in partnership with Similarweb, has compiled a list of the Top 100 E-commerce UK. The recent surge in energy and life prices has significantly impacted household consumption. As the high season approaches, brands are actively competing to lure customers to their online stores, accessible via computers, mobile sites, and increasingly, mobile apps. In […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Amazon’s NFTs are rumoured to drop next month, yet the confusion surrounding the nature of the tech giant’s non-fungible tokens remain. With the 15 upcoming NFT collections, we dive into… The post What will Amazon’s NFTs actually look like? appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Are you in on the NFT craze or playing it safe? If you fall into the latter, you may miss out on some amazing opportunities for engaging with customers and cultivating a loyal community of fans and collectors. During this episode of Retail Remix, our host Alicia Esposito sits down to chat with Ash Pampati, […]
  1. Channel: Mass
Account-based marketing is a personalised approach that involves gathering information about previous users and building their profiles. This allows companies to send special offers and discounts that meet the specific needs of each customer and encourage them to buy again. Many businesses of various industries use their social media accounts to market and promote products […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Nationwide Building Society and HSBC Holdings Plc have imposed additional restrictions on retail customers’ access to cryptoassets amid a warning from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Nationwide is adding a… The post HSBC and Nationwide restrict purchases of cryptoassets for retail clients appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
  1. Media & Marketing
RTIH Editor, Scott Thompson, brings you his top ‘future of retail’ systems launches and deployments from the past week, including Żabka Polska, Ikea, Prada, River Island, Casper, Amazon, and M&S. AiFi and Żabka Polska Autonomous retail firm, AiFi, has hit an active stores milestone. In a LinkedIn post, the company said: “The launch of our […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
What a difference a year (or even a few months) makes.   Just last January, I drew a cartoon showing a couple marketers (as legless avatars) standing in a virtual world under a banner that reads, “welcome to our brand experience in the metaverse!”  One is saying to the other, “I’m sure consumers will show […]
  1. Data & Insights
Over the last year or two, we have seen gamification and digital assets such as NFT’s skyrocket in growth.   Now, the retail industry is using gamification and digital trends to help build customer loyalty and increase the customer experience.   This week we talk about how brick-and-mortar stores are using touches of digital to […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Just over two years ago, nearly every industry was shaken to its core when the COVID-19 outbreak spread like wildfire across the globe. With people limiting their time outside of their homes, companies had to figure out new ways to engage with and sell to its customers. COVID-19 represented a significant hurdle to the retail […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Customer loyalty programs have been around for many years, and smart retailers are adapting them to take full advantage of today’s digital world. In addition to the traditional loyalty-driving benefits, digital loyalty programs can provide retailers with access to customer insights and enable the delivery of innovative experiences that strengthen the relationship between the brand […]
  1. Retail Ecosystem
Shoptalk Europe knows that innovation isn’t a luxury – it’s business critical.  As the European retail environment is disrupted by dynamic consumer behaviours, an abundance of new digital technologies, and a challenging economic backdrop, this is the exact moment when winning businesses will look beyond the short-term and accelerate, not slow down, their digital transformation.  […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
It was amazing to be back in NYC for NRF 2023, and this year’s event did not disappoint. The annual retail gathering brought a huge set of new companies and interesting perspectives that will shape the future of retail over the next three years. Here are five key trends for retailers to pay attention to […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Image Credit: Business of Fashion Many of the high-flying concepts and companies that led the charge into the metaverse and web3 have come crashing down to earth. Ironically, this makes it exactly the right time to take these visions of the future seriously. By Doug Stephens It wasn’t long ago that the global business community […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The future of marketing is people. A)    It is about understanding people as people and not just as consumers, customers, members, and users. B)    It is about getting people to advocate for a brand to other people. C)    It is about upgrading the status of marketing people and upgrading marketing people. Marketing is about understanding […]
  1. Department: Consumer Durables
Many in the fashion industry have called skinny jeans DOA, but Levis Strauss & Co CEO Chip Bergh disagree. The brand’s 311 and 721 skinny jeans were its best sellers in the most recent quarter, for which the company posted sales and profits ahead of Wall Street’s expectations.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Do you like numbers? Do you like retail systems news? Then this is the article for you. Including Emperia, Amazon UK, Mercaux, Gemba, Adobe, and Twinco Capital. $18 million…Gemba, a virtual reality training startup used by the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Amazon, has bagged $18 million in a Series A round of funding from […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Luxury fashion retailer Prada has announced the latest launch of its ‘Timecapsule’ NFT collection. The Timecapsule drop is an online monthly event that takes place on the first Thursday of… The post Prada unveils ninth exclusive timecapsule NFT appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
  1. Trends & External Forces
Crypto-rewards health & fitness app, Sweatcoin, steps up personalisation with MoEngage. Sweatcoin, the step counting app that pays customers to get active by converting their steps into currency, has partnered with MoEngage, the leading insights-led customer engagement platform, to enhance customer engagement as it fuels the growth of its Movement Economy. Sweatcoin is a new breed of […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
In my previous post, I boldly predicted that we’re on the verge of a whole series of martech innovations: AI, composability, AR/VR, even, yes, “Web3”. While I agree with the pessimists that 2023 will be a challenging year for a lot of martech vendors, I believe this is more of a business cycle bump in […]

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Supermarket giant Tesco came under fire following the announcement that it will be reducing the value of Clubcard reward vouchers from June 2023. The reduction will come into force after… The post Tesco infuriates shoppers as it slashes Clubcard points value appeared first on Latest Retail Technology News From Across The Globe – Charged.
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AI powered shopping platform aisle 3 has completed the sale of its Google Comparison Shopping Site (CSS) service to Product Hero. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, other than it being all cash. The sale consolidates market share for CSS service provider Product Hero, which works with the likes of Rituals and Ikea. […]
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  2. Partnerships & Alt Profit
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Get ready because the empty truck cabs in motion are coming. Gatik, which is involved in autonomous middle-mile logistics, has announced a multi-year commercial collaboration to transport customer orders within Kroger’s Dallas distribution network. The operations will launch in a few weeks. Under the collaboration, Gatik’s medium-duty autonomous box trucks will transport fresh, customer-favorite products from […]
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Albertsons yesterday unveiled what it said was “the redesign of its Open Nature brand as the company strives to become the brand of choice for those health-conscious shoppers seeking a more balanced lifestyle. Open Nature, which is part of Albertsons Cos. Own Brands portfolio, provides shoppers with tasty foods made with thoughtfully chosen ingredients that […]