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Oliver Proudlock’s luxury jewellery brand is joining forces with Sage owned forecasting tool Inventory Planner. Proudlock’s Serge DeNimes venture is adopting the technology so its team is always across what products to buy and when to buy it as the business grows. “Inventory Planner by Sage has completely changed the way we work already,” says […]
  1. Media & Marketing
The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon “is planning to launch an advertising-supported tier of its Prime Video streaming service as it looks to further build its ad business and generate more revenue from entertainment.” The discussions of such an offering, the Journal writes, “come in the wake of cost-cutting reviews across the company’s businesses, […]
  1. Channel: Mass
From Advertising Age: “Walmart Connect, which has made huge gains in recent years through digital advertising, is testing ways to bolster in-store pieces of its retail media network. “For the first time, Walmart Connect is selling ads on its revamped in-store radio network and integrating sampling programs with online offerings. While aspects of Walmart Connect’s […]
  1. Channel: Drug
Fox News reports on a new Walgreens store in Chicago’s South Loop that has “been redesigned to allow customers to browse only two aisles of products – after they pass through anti-theft detectors. “The changes at the store on 2 E. Roosevelt Road in the South Loop area put most of the merchandise in aisles behind staffed […]
  1. Department & Category
  How do you keep the kids happy when school get out?  Fill the house with more snacks.  The average household with a teenager out of school will spend $ 300 more a month on food.  According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® a mix of full flavored hot and […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
The subscription economy has been the subject of dire headlines recently, with terms like “subscription fatigue,” “the great unsubscribe” and even “subscription apocalypse” being bandied about. Some stats support the gloomy outlook: according to Kearney, 40% of consumers feel they have too many subscriptions, and subscription ecommerce is predicted to have its slowest growth year […]
  1. Media & Marketing
  In a new partnership Wendy’s wants to re-fresh its messaging, re-focus on summer, and renew its goal to garner a larger share of this target market Gen Z and Millennials to drive new electricity according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. In case you had not head, Wendy’s has […]
  1. Channel: Mass
BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Walmart has grown its retail media business, Walmart Connect, by offering advertisers the ability to reach consumers when they are searching for products on the retailer’s website as well as via thousands of digital televisions and point-of-purchase screens in its physical stores. Now Walmart Connect plans to leverage the retailer’s stores to […]
  1. Data & Insights
We’ve spent a lot of time here on MNB talking about America’s troubled cities, and the impact that urban issues – especially vandalism and theft – are having on retailers. But in the last couple of days, there have been a number of stories examining the issue from a different point of view. •  The […]
  1. Data & Insights
If one were to dig deep enough into the Library of Congress’s old audiovisual vaults, one would find a wealth of content from the 1950s and 60s about the ‘home,’ ‘city’ or even ‘highways’ of the future. For all of the myriad social problems of that period, it was also a period of intense economic […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Content is “soldier”! There is a famous quote we have all heard: “Content is king” written by Bill Gates. But it is not always true. In the fierce competition of the digital era, companies are fighting to get more visibility, brand authenticity, and market share using “content”. It is a battlefield in which the contents […]
  1. Department & Category
  The value of a product or brand at times diminishes in consumer relevance. The vernacular of the consumer is ever evolving and the vernacular of your brand must as well. Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® understands that the consumer is dynamic not static. Here are 10 clues to keep […]
  1. Media & Marketing
In today’s digital landscape, where traditional advertising methods often struggle to capture and retain audience attention, native advertising has emerged as a powerful strategy for brands to connect with consumers more seamlessly and engagingly. In this blog article, we’ll explore the world of native advertising, its benefits, types, examples, and some considerations you should be […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Yesterday we took note of a Wall Street Journal report that Target plans to remove some of the items it brought in to help customers celebrate Pride Month, and will move remaining displays to less visible parts of its stores, as it reacts to a backlash that caused some of its employees to feel unsafe.  […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The growth of retail media shows no sign of slowing, as established players announce new expansions and new retailers, most recently Save Mart, enter the mix. In the latest developments, Kroger is looking beyond its websites with plans to expand in-store advertising opportunities, and Walmart is teaming up with more tech partners to help brands […]
  1. Media & Marketing
The other day we had a piece about some manufacturers deciding to eliminate AM radio from the electric vehicles (citing “electromagnetic interference”) and Ford deciding to eliminate it completely (citing, essentially, irrelevance). But now, the Boston Globe reports: “Ford Motor Co. is doing a 180 on AM radio. “The giant automaker on Tuesday abandoned a […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
Retail TouchPoints and Design:Retail have unveiled the 2023 winners of the annual 40 Under 40 Awards, representing a dynamic and diverse class of executives who have contributed to industry progress.   The 40 Under 40 Awards have evolved to spotlight the personal and professional accomplishments of executives across the retail industry — from store design to CX […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
I mentioned this on FaceTime this morning – two emails that decried the cuts in SNAP payments that will take place as the pandemic comes to an end, affecting both the people who use food stamps and the stores that serve them. MNB reader Robert Pulda wrote: Kevin, It is a disgrace this this wealthy […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
In retail marketing, the phrase “meet consumers where they are” has long been sage advice, whether that means catching their eye at the mall or during their daily Facebook scroll. But as behaviors change, so must our tactics. Consumers are increasingly mobile-driven, and mobile phones are as much a source of entertainment as they are […]
  1. Data & Insights
Image: Mid Journey. Prompt…Imagine what irresistible looks like? Josh Bersin is a legend in the world of Human Resources and Talent. His four decade long career has spanned all the twists and turns and ups and downs of a career from studying to be an engineer at Cornell and Stanford, earning an MBA from the […]
  1. Media & Marketing
Marketplace, on National Public Radio (NPR), reports that “retailers have increasingly been using discounts and promotions like this to encourage shoppers to keep spending, pointed out Sonia Lapinsky, a retail analyst with AlixPartners … Retailers who cater to middle- and low-income shoppers are especially leaning on discounts since inflation is hitting those consumers hardest, Lapinsky […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
Sally Lehrman, founder of The Trust Project, shares how misinformation and disinformation can take root. It all started with clickbait. Sally Lehrman, then the endowed chair at Santa Clara University in California, gathered a group of journalists together in 2012 and in 2014 to discuss how news organizations were adapting to the digital space. That […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
  Do your branded marketing messaging campaigns look more like 2005, 2015, or 2025?  Here is the question are you looking a customer ahead?  All food retailer know that Gen Z is their key target customer for the next 12 years. Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® often repeats this catch-phrase […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
The demo was beautiful. At Google’s IO developer conference this week, the company showed an experimental version of its search engine handling an almost unimaginably difficult query. Asked whether a family with kids under three years old and a dog would prefer Arches National Park or Bryce Canyon, Google scoured the internet and returned a […]
  1. International
I have no idea the degree to which “The Diplomat,” on Netflix, accurately reflects any sort of reality when it comes to international governmental wheeling and dealing.  (Politico writes that many State Department employees around the world “find it preposterous — and utterly amusing … They binge it while understanding that their jobs are “not […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
For many D2C consumer product companies selling on Shopify or Amazon, one question always comes up: “Should I be selling to other retail channels?” Online retail is very effective and sometimes the best way to start selling to consumers. But as consumer product startups grow, they inevitably think about expanding into other retail channels, like […]
  1. Media & Marketing
When you see the “eleven” character in the “Stranger Things” series, smash a soda can, it is no coincidence the soda brand is Coca-Cola, it is a marketing strategy known as Product Placement. Using product placement in stranger things is just one of the many examples of how brands use non-advertising media like movies to […]
  1. Media & Marketing
by Kevin Coupe The Hollywood Reporter writes that after 36 years, MTV News – which “was created to expand the stable of programming that defined the cable channel MTV,” and “became a bona fide news outlet for Gen X and older millennials who found that traditional TV programming on the broadcast networks and CNN wasn’t […]

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Bloomberg has a story about how “a slew of retailers are beefing up their grocery investments to lure in consumers cutting back on non-essentials like clothing and electronics. But as they lay out plans to improve their food offerings and supply chains, the big question is how does one compete with the mighty Walmart Inc. on […]
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CHICAGO – Circana, formerly IRI and The NPD Group, has released its 2022 New Product Pacesetters, the 28th annual report revealing the top new product launches across food and beverage and nonfood sectors. The report illustrates the enduring power of CPG innovation, revealing that consumer spending on new product offerings remained elevated last year despite challenges […]
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From Advertising Age: “Walmart Connect, which has made huge gains in recent years through digital advertising, is testing ways to bolster in-store pieces of its retail media network. “For the first time, Walmart Connect is selling ads on its revamped in-store radio network and integrating sampling programs with online offerings. While aspects of Walmart Connect’s […]
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Several years after opening its last Joe V’s location, H-E-B is reigniting the banner with two locations set to open in Dallas by 2025. Dive Brief: H-E-B announced Tuesday it is opening two Joe V’s Smart Shop by H-E-B stores in Dallas, marking the first time the grocer’s discount format will appear outside of the Houston area. […]
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The platform leverages the chain’s loyalty program, bringing personalized ads to shoppers in-store, in-app, on social media and elsewhere, said Damian Scott, who heads up the grocer’s retail media and front-end digital operations. Dive Brief: Giant Eagle announced on Wednesday the debut of Leap Media Group, an in-house retail media arm that leverages the regional […]