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Zaki Hassan, General Manager for EMEA & APAC at retail technology solutions provider Aptos. Credit: Aptos. Retail technology solutions provider Aptos has suggested that companies are taking a cautious approach to investing in their omnichannel operations in the current economic landscape. The firm, which is a supplier to upwards of 500 retail brands around the […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
It’s Friday, the weekend is almost upon us, so let’s kick back and reflect on another eventful week for the retail systems space. Here’s your briefing on the most important stories from the past five days, including autonomous stores, virtual commerce, Just Walk Out tech meets RFID, and phone shops reinvented. 1. Pixevia works with […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Physical and digital retail have largely remained separate, with purchases made either offline or online. But consumer behaviors are changing; we scan QR codes in physical stores to make payments or learn more about a certain product; we use mobile apps to redeem offline discounts on our frequent purchases. And now, brands are increasingly embracing […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
  Look around, and talk to your friends and you will see that, Americans do not want to eat alone.  Don’t want to shop, and don’t want to cook, while man is a social and needs to connect with others and sharing a meal with friends, family, or even a stranger is preferred rather than […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
We’re big fans of LinkedIn and are busy building an amazing community of retail tech enthusiasts on the social media platform. These are the articles that are currently on their radars, including Asda, Penny Black, Marie Curie, AiFi, JUXTA, and Pocket Planet. PMC announced as headline sponsor of the 2023 RTIH Innovation Awards, winners to […]
  1. Channel: Delivery
​ Dive Brief Students at the Loyola University Maryland store will scan a QR code in the food delivery app to enter the frictionless shop and pay for items. Published Sept. 6, 2023 Mobile phone featuring Just Walk Out technology. Autonomous c-stores continue to spread on campuses, as frictionless checkout tech allows students to grab something […]
  1. Data & Insights
The true effects of downtime for retailers go beyond a dysfunctional point-of-sale (POS) system and lost sales. Today’s customers expect more from a brand. Picture this: It’s Black Friday, the biggest day on the calendar for retail sales, the day that makes or breaks a year for many businesses. All hands are on deck and […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
These are the RTIH articles that caught your fancy last week, including Temu, Marks and Spencer, Aldi UK, New Look, EE, and Amazon Fresh. Consumption nation: Here’s what American retailers can learn from booming Chinese shopping app Temu US retailers beware. Riding high with Temu, the Chinese are coming and they’re coming to win. That’s […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
With labor shortages a very real problem, retailers are prioritizing making processes as efficient as possible to keep the customer experience streamlined. In a recent CX report, PwC surveyed 15,000 consumers and found that one in three would stop buying from a retailer after only one bad experience. Retailers can’t afford to ignore expectations in […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Yesterday, I got something wrong.  I wrote: There are multiple reports in the Chicago media that the city’s lawmakers will consider a proposal to tax retailers retailers who use self-checkout lanes instead of employing cashiers. According to the story, Eighth Ward Council Member Devon Reid “envisions a tax of about $5,000 per kiosk each year.” […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Amazon has opened a new Just Walk Out technology powered Amazon Fresh convenience grocery store in Moorgate, London. There are now 18 of these locations in the UK – 17 of which are in London, and the other at Sevenoaks in Kent. Way off the original target of 200+ by the end of 2025. To […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
There are multiple reports in the Chicago media that the city’s lawmakers will consider a proposal to tax retailers retailers who use self-checkout lanes instead of employing cashiers. According to the story, Eighth Ward Council Member Devon Reid “envisions a tax of about $5,000 per kiosk each year.” KC’s View: This is stupid. At a […]
  1. Data & Insights
Advantage Solutions is out with a new “Advantage Outlook” survey, including that “product manufacturers are no longer attempting to innovate on lower-price-point products to compete on value. Instead, nearly all manufacturers — 98% — are investing in innovation on mainstream or premium-priced products with a heavy emphasis on health and wellness, and products that offer […]
  1. Channel: Specialty & Other
Trader Joe’s executives have confirmed that the company has no plans to introduce self-checkout kiosks in its stores, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining their employee-centric approach. In an episode of the company’s podcast, they debunked rumors that Trader Joe’s employees are trained to flirt with customers, clarifying that their friendly and chatty interactions with customers…
  1. Technology & Innovation
Got the following email from MNB reader Paulette DeRito: Some observations on the self-checkout issue. Today as I used the self checkout option in Wilton, CT Stop n Shop, I took note of all the various steps one must complete when checking out that way. 1.  Scan your Stop n Shop card/tag….. if you have […]
  1. Channel: Convenience
The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that convenience chain Wawa is testing an all-digital store on the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia. According to the story, “In the new format, all items must be purchased via the Wawa mobile app or at the in-store touch screens. The orders are then fulfilled by associates behind the […]
  1. Channel: Grocery
Regarding Amazon and its Q2 earnings report last week, as well as its apparent new energy when it comes to grocery, MNB reader Michael Blackburn wrote: I don’t disagree with many of your points and Amazon clearly has fumbled the grocery football since acquiring Whole Foods, but I still believe Amazon is committed to “eventually” […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
By Kevin Coupe Over the weekend, NBC Nightly News did a story prompted by Kroger’s decision to open a store in Ohio that does not have manned checkout lanes – everything is self-checkout.  (Though, as I understand it, there are associates available to help folks out who might be having a hard time.) The Nightly […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Retail Technology Innovation of the Week is a new series from RTIH highlighting stand out deployments, launches, and initiatives. Every week, we will showcase forward thinking tech plays that have impressed our Editor and the Retail Technology Innovations Report judging panel, in the run up to the publication of the 2024 report early next year. […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Any retail expert worth their salt knows that personalization is the one true key to profitability. This is only becoming more important as the market grows saturated and customer expectations keep getting more demanding. But how will artificial intelligence technology change the ever-evolving retail landscape? Personalization is all about providing engaging customer experiences, which is […]
  1. Channel: Ecommerce & Digital
For Amazon’s grocery business, it appears to be go big or go home. Bloomberg reports that Amazon “is launching the biggest overhaul of its grocery business since it acquired Whole Foods Market six years ago – revamping stores, testing new highly automated warehouses and, for the first time, offering fresh-food delivery to customers who aren’t […]
  1. Channel: Mass
From CNBC: “One of Walmart’s latest offerings at its SuperCenters isn’t a hot new toy, snack flavor or sundress. It’s advertising. “Shoppers will soon see more third-party ads on screens in Walmart self-checkout lanes and TV aisles; hear spots over the store’s radio; and be able to sample items at demo stations. “Walmart’s push into […]
  1. Channel: Ecommerce & Digital
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s stated goal has been to “double down” on the company’s grocery business, and just how that will be accomplished is becoming clearer. The most notable change? The retailer is now offering grocery delivery services to non-Prime members in the U.S. Amazon Fresh sent an email to customers noting that non-Prime members […]

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Danish toymaker Lego has reportedly abandoned a prominent initiative to eliminate oil-based plastics from its bricks. This decision comes after the company discovered that the new material, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), would result in higher carbon emissions. Lego’s CEO, Niels Christiansen, mentioned that extensive testing revealed it was challenging to find a material that met…
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As the pandemic’s impact on brick-and-mortar retail lingers, the U.S. drugstore landscape is undergoing significant changes. CVS, the largest drugstore chain in America, is implementing a policy change that will lead to the closure of hundreds of stores over the next three years, aiming to optimize store locations based on population shifts and consumer buying…
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Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic and gain a minority ownership position in the company, part of a deal that will have Amazon Web Services (AWS) become Anthropic’s primary cloud provider. Anthropic will make its future AI foundation models accessible to million of developers, as well as provide AWS customers with early […]
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Shopify Audiences debuted last year with only Google and Meta. In January, Pinterest was added to the mix. Now TikTok, Snap and, notably, Criteo will be able to plug into The post Shopify Audiences Adds Criteo, Its First Open Web Ads Partner appeared first on AdExchanger.