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RetailWit Features – personalization.

The RetailWit crew wanted to remind you of some of the great features we have been adding to the site, and as a result we would invite you to…

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Over the past year, our site has been busy categorizing and tagging over 30,000 articles to better provide you a more curated experience. We know most of our readers have specific focus areas, and would like to see articles and news stories relevant to their day to day role.

Well, that day has arrived, as RetailWit can now personalize your news feed!

And, just like any good process, we have three easy steps to personalization:

You want to make sure you are logged in, or if you don’t already have an account set up go ahead and register – we swear its painless and we won’t spam you at all. Note there are also additional benefits to registering like being able to bookmark articles to go back to and follow specific authors.

Once you are logged in on the site, head back to the homepage. And just in case you never knew, you can always click the RetailWit logo at the top left to get back to the main page.

The Channel drop down gives you access to Retailer, CPG and Department level choices. Select all that you would like to keep in your feed.

Similarly, the Topic drop down covers everything from Retail Media to Finance to Private Label to Technology. Once again, select all the relevant topics you want to stay informed of.

Sort By allows you to choose how you want to see your feed, Chronological (the default), Popularity or by WitScore (our scoring methodology).

Now, that you have made your selections its time for step 3!

Three easy steps to personalization: 1. Log In, 2. Chose your topics, 3. Apply to your feed.  That is it.  You can change these selections at any time. 

Lastly, we want to thank you for visiting RetailWit.  If there are topics you don’t currently see, let us know – we are happy to add topics of interest to our readers. 

Now personalize your drink of choice and enjoy some relevant articles! Cheers!

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