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Chicago To Crack Down On Dollar Store Openings

Axios reports that “Chicago’s City Council is expected to vote next week on a proposal to limit where certain dollar stores can open … The proposed crackdown comes as many city officials decry maintenance and safety issues at such stores, while others say they keep a crucial retail presence in neighborhoods abandoned by larger stores.”

According to the story, “The legislation would prohibit dollar stores owned by the same company from opening within one mile of each other in the city.  It also contains provisions to make owners of these ‘small box stores’ more responsive to customer complaints.”

There is, however, an exemption for dollar stores that “dedicate at least 10% of their floor space to fresh produce or meat.”

A Dollar Tree spokesperson tells Axios that “Dollar Tree and Family Dollar invest in neighborhoods where other big box retailers are leaving,” and that Dollar Tree has invested “significant dollars” in upgrades, repairs and extra staff throughout Chicago.

KC’s View:

I’d prefer tougher enforcement of fire and safety laws to the kind of ban that Chicago is considering.  It is a fair point that companies like Walmart have closed their stores, leaving a hole that the dollar stores can fill.

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