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Is your Inogen device covered? Exploring Inogen’s warranty policy

Inogen is a brand that frequently stands out in the portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) market. Their products have given numerous people with respiratory difficulties independence and movement, allowing them to live more active lives.

However, as with any electrical item, your Inogen gadget may require maintenance or repair at some point. It is when Inogen’s warranty policy comes into play.

In this article, we’ll go over the Inogen warranty policy in detail to help you understand what’s covered, what isn’t, and how to get the most out of it.

Understanding Inogen

Before understanding Inogen’s warranty policy specifics, we must understand the firm and its goods.

Inogen is a firm that specialises in designing and manufacturing portable oxygen concentrators, primarily for those with COPD and other respiratory illnesses. They intend their POCs to offer a constant oxygen supply, allowing people to breathe more readily while moving.

Inogen’s dedication to quality and innovation has won them a solid industry reputation. However, even the most reliable gadgets can develop problems over time, so having a thorough warranty policy is critical for the firm and its customers.  

The Inogen warranty

Let’s get to the meat of the issue: Inogen’s warranty policy. You usually get a guarantee when you buy an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator.

However, it is essential to remember that warranty terms may vary based on the model and area in which you purchase your device. Inogen generally provides two warranties: standard limited and optional lifetime guarantees.  

Standard Limited Warranty

When you buy an Inogen gadget, it usually includes the standard warranty.

This guarantee covers material and artistry faults for a set length, usually three years from the date of purchase. Inogen will repair or replace any defective parts or the entire machine during this time. This warranty demonstrates Inogen’s trust in the quality of its products and offers customers peace of mind.  

Optional Lifetime Warranty

 For an extra fee, Inogen also provides a lifetime warranty. Individuals who want to use their Inogen equipment for an extended period may find this extended warranty a worthwhile investment.

You can obtain repair or replacement services for as long as you possess the item if you purchase the optional lifetime warranty. It provides good coverage against unanticipated risks that may emerge over time, protecting your investment.  

What’s covered by the Inogen warranty?

Understanding what your Inogen warranty covers is critical to getting the most out of it. Inogen’s warranty policy typically covers the following essential components:

Defective Parts

The guarantee covers any flaws in materials or artistry. It includes the compressor, sieve beds, and other internal components. If a manufacturing flaw causes any components to malfunction within the warranty period, Inogen will repair or replace items at no cost to you.

Unit Replacement

 Inogen will give a replacement device if the entire unit is proven to be defective. It guarantees that you will continue to have timely access to a reliable source of oxygen therapy.

Technical Support

 Inogen’s guarantee includes technical help in addition to physical repairs and replacements. If you have any problems with your equipment, their customer care service is accessible to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Limited Accessories Coverage

The guarantee may also cover some accessories that come with your Inogen device. Classic examples are AC and DC power supplies, carrying cases, and batteries. It is critical to review the particular terms of your warranty to see which accessories are covered.

Optional Lifetime Warranty Benefits

If you choose the lifetime warranty, you will receive continuing coverage for your equipment. It means that even after the regular warranty period has expired, you can still obtain repair or replacement services, ensuring that your item functions correctly for years.

What’s not covered by the Inogen warranty?

While Inogen’s warranty policy covers many issues with their equipment, it is equally vital to understand what is not covered. The following are some examples of standard exclusions:

Accidental Damage

Accidents, misuse, or neglect are often not covered by Inogen’s guarantee. Dropping your device or exposing it to situations it was not designed for may result in your warranty coverage not extending to cover repairs.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance procedures, such as filter cleaning, may be excluded from the warranty. It’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions to avoid problems.

Non-Genuine Parts or Repairs

Using non-genuine Inogen parts or having unlicensed service providers handle repairs may void your warranty. For repairs and maintenance, always use Inogen’s authorised service centres.

External Accessories

The guarantee includes certain accessories but not several external accessories like tubing, masks, and cannulas.


Batteries have a warranty that is distinct from the primary device. Battery warranties may be shorter than concentrator warranties. When acquiring additional batteries, examining the battery warranty terms is critical.

Making the most of your Inogen warranty

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your Inogen warranty:

Read the Fine Print

Scrutinise your warranty documents to ensure you understand the terms and restrictions. Knowing what is and isn’t covered can help you avoid costly surprises.

Register Your Device

To activate your warranty, many manufacturers ask you to register your gadget. Ensure you finish this step as soon as you have your Inogen device.

Keep Records

Keep track of your device’s purchase, warranty activation, and any servicing or maintenance performed. This documentation can be quite helpful when requesting warranty service.

Use Authorised Service Centres

Always use approved Inogen service centres for repairs or maintenance on your device. They have the knowledge and access to genuine parts, ensuring the service’s excellence.

Consider the Optional Lifetime Warranty

If you intend to use your Inogen device for a long time, the optional lifetime guarantee can provide long-term peace of mind while saving you money on future repairs. 

Wrapping up

The warranty policy of Inogen aims to give consumers confidence in the quality and dependability of their portable oxygen concentrators. Understanding your warranty’s coverage and limitations is critical for ensuring that your item remains in excellent working order for as long as feasible.

You may continue to enjoy the freedom and mobility that Inogen devices provide while knowing that your investment is protected if you follow the manufacturer’s directions and take advantage of the various warranty options.

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