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Cookiegeddon is coming & Last Week’s Top Stories

Cookiegeddon is coming and it won’t be easy street. From Google Analytics to Retail Media, there will be a significant level of added complexity to prepare for. Here’s a primer from our good friends at dunnhumby (the OG of Retail Media).

The cookie unified digital marketing. Until (and if) another standard takes its place, the web will be fragmented. Retailers and Providers will be going after their own slice of the pie (Google’s FLoC, 84.51’s KPM, Walmart’s Connect, etc). We’re going Will Smith’s Wild Wild West*. Black-boxed Machine Learning algorithms, opaque measurement definitions, and walled-gardened solutions will make calculating efficiency / ROI all the more challenging.

Now, on to the rest of last week’s big stories…

  • Amazon oversteps by requiring constant surveillance of their drivers (who aren’t technically employees)  – our POV If companies want to leverage the gig economy they can’t put “employee requirements” on them or they need to give them “employee benefits”.
  • GoPuff gets another round of funding.  There is something there, but currently undifferentiated from the others – they will be acquired by someone.
  • Yahoo Jumps into the Ecommerce Fray with New Online Marketplace, Yahoo Shops – Myspace Tom told me it’s a good idea.
  • Nike is making big moves toward brand owned channels; Nike stores and more D2C. Our POV: they are swinging the pendulum too far.  This may work for Luxury brands, but with a few product lines exceptions, Nike isn’t Luxury.

Until next week.

*Should have stopped at Fresh Prince, Will.

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