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Daily QuickWit (10/13) – Top Retail News of the Day

Kroger expands Delivery to new markets.
The Northeast, Florida, and California will have first-time or expanded Kroger Delivery options. No timing has been announced yet, but Ocado CFCs and new, smaller MFCs (dubbed ‘Zoom’) will be built. Kroger Delivery will “serve customers as fast as 30 minutes…. [and] deliver same-day and next-day orders.”

Doordash launches ad business.
It’s here. Mostly an unprofitable business model, Doordash hopes to gain an alternative revenue stream through ads. Featured Listings (for CPGs) and search result ads are new advertising solutions offered to marketers. Doordash is planning to limit the number of ads shown (up to two depending on the category for now). They say it’s so customers don’t get frustrated by the experience—and we wonder if it will artificially increase the ad purchase costs.

Best Buy acquiring Current Health for home health care.
The owner of the geek squad continues to target the older generation. Best Buy has been strategically focused on getting into healthcare, and acquiring Current Health is their latest move. Essentially, the firm offers digital health technology and capabilities. Healthcare is a battleground for Retail, and this is the first Retailer move we’ve seen towards home health.

Walgreens adds two executives to C-suite.
Coming from CVS and Starbucks, Holly May will be the CHRO and Anita Allemand will lead a newly formed role of “Chief Transformation and integration Officer.” This role will be the strategic thought leader to Roz Brewer (CEO), and “lead the overall transformation agenda… as the company prioritizes its strategy and path forward in healthcare.”

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