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Customer-Centric Analytics & Intelligence with Albertsons’ Lisa Kinney

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Lisa Kinney, VP Customer Analytics & Market Intelligence at Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food & drug retailers in the United States.

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Lisa answers these questions:

1)  Customer-centric insights & analytics are at the heart of your professional experience. What drew you to this field and what types of data sources do you think as being central to a retailer’s ability to establish foundational business intelligence capabilities for success?
2) Are demographics still primarily relevant in terms of customer understanding or are they more contextual in helping better understand customer segments based upon purchasing behavior? What do you see as the inherent limitations of demographics in analytics?
3) Historically, retailers have leveraged the analytic muscle of its key vendor partners to inform their business analytics. Is that still the case? How are retailers accessing meaningful insights independent of CPG manufacturers and what role do you see these business partners playing going forward?
4) A retailer’s transaction data set is quite rich. How should retailers mobilize and create strategy and actions with this asset and what are the barriers or key to simplifying for merchants to use and action?
5) Can you give us a flavor for some of the problems that retailers are tackling through analytics?
6) How important are analytics in supporting eCommerce and full-funnel retail media marketing?
7) How do retailers or brands trying to create a customer centric, data driven culture get started? What are some of the lessons learned throughout your career you can share to help accelerate success and avoid some of the pitfalls you have had to learn and pivot to avoid?
8) Any words of wisdom for peers or early in their careers that you can offer to help them navigate this ever changing industry of data, analytics, and change management?

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