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Shoptalk 2023 with Sophie Wawro & Anil Aggarwal

The CPG Guys speak with Sophie Wawro, Global President of Shoptalk & Groceryshop and Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Personatech

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Sophie and Anil answer these questions:

1) Anil, you founded Shoptalk 8 years ago. What was the market opportunity you saw for these events and what was the disruption that you brought to the industry that made them so indispensable to people in the retail CPG digital ecosystem?
2) Sophie, you recently joined Hyve Group as Global President of the Shoptalk and Groceryshop events. What is your professional experience and what most intrigued you about coming to lead such a successful franchise?
3) Anil, You’re currently serving as CEO of Personatech, the platform that allows Shoptalk and Groceryshop to manage its Meetings Programs. First, what is the idea behind these meetings programs and how does your platform operate to yield desired outcomes for all involved parties?
4) Sophie, The tech behind the traditional Hosted Hosted Retailers and Brands Meetings Program will also be powering the introduction of Meetups at Shoptalk this year. What’s your thinking with this addition to your upcoming event in Las Vegas?
5) Sophie, what should our audience know about the Shoptalk event that will have them excited about attending this year’s event? What else is new, what’s big, who is headlining some of the big keynotes?
6) Sophie, by my count, you have over 600 sponsors. Why is Shoptalk such a great opportunity for these companies to sponsor and what are the different ways they are sponsoring at the event?
7) Sophie, Shoptalk Europe is coming up in May. I’m looking forward to making the trip to Barcelona. What exciting things do you have in store for this 2nd European venue which you kicked off last year?

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