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Publix Takes The Cake (Off The Menu)

Orlando Weekly reports that Publix Super Markets has instructed the bakers in its stores “not to make hurricane-themed cakes, or ‘hurricakes,’ so as not to ‘make light’ of natural disasters … Publix said that while they enjoy ‘finding ways to delight them with their favorite Publix items as they prepare for uncertainty,’ the cakes will no longer be made.”

The story notes that the new policy actually went into effect last year, but only recently was publicized via social media.

KC’s View:

I can only guess that Publix must have received a lot of complaints.  

I’m all in favor of sensitivity to shopper concerns, but strikes me as a little silly.  Hurricakes didn’t so much make light of destructive natural phenomena, I figure, as they allowed Floridians to indulge a sense of irony as they board up their houses and configure evacuation plans.

Irony is good, especially as you’re trying to reason with hurricane season.

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