Got some lovely emails about Friday’s MNB, which was devoted to business and life lessons from Jimmy Buffett.  Here are a few of them.

MNB reader Lauren Redman wrote:

As a life long parrothead (2nd concert ever, taken by my folks (yes, thank you Rudy and Mom), today’s MNB was AWESOME.  And yes, brought more than one tear to my eye as did word of his passing the day it happened.  You absolutely made my day sharing all the coconut telegraph love about a person that brought so much joy to so many.  Losing Jimmy was like loosing a good friend.  And, as always some great business lessons from JB.  Thanks for the joy buddy!

MNB reader Doug Larsen wrote:

Kevin –  Thanks for the focus on Jimmy Buffett today.  Really enjoyed it and it is very good for those who perhaps knew his music but not much about him.  Not very many people deserve this attention, but Jimmy was one of them.

From MNB reader Glenn Cantor:

Thank you for devoting Friday’s MNB to the wisdom of Jimmy Buffet.  

And from MNB reader Brad Roche:

I really enjoyed this entire issue about Jimmy Buffett.  Thanks for putting it all together and sharing.  Bubbles UP!

And, from MNB reader Kerley LeBoeuf

A big amen to your conclusion of Jimmy Buffett’s sense of spirituality.


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