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DoorDash Pays A Pittance To Settle Privacy Complaints

The Register reports that “DoorDash will cough up $375,000 to settle claims it trampled California’s privacy laws by giving away customers’ info without their consent nor giving them the opportunity to opt out.

“In addition to that paltry sum – for context, DoorDash’s annual revenue in 2023 was nearly $9 billion – the San Francisco-based food delivery app maker also agreed this month to review its technology and contracts with marketing and analytics vendors and confirm it’s sharing or selling personal information legally.

“DoorDash also promised to provide annual reports to the Golden State’s attorney general about any such potential sale or sharing of personal data, and generally comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA).

“And, as usual with these types of crackdowns and settlements, DoorDash doesn’t admit any guilt or liability.”

KC’s View:

I’m with The Register on this one.  (The Register describes itself as a “global online enterprise technology news publication.”). That settlement is a pittance, and it is a joke when companies are able to get away with these kinds of violations without accepting culpability.

DoorDash’s defense is that it was a vendor’s fault.  But if I am a customer, I am doing business with DoorDash, not its vendors.  Passing the buck is BS.   Allowing it to pass the buck is worse.

This is only going to change when voters/consumers tell their elected representatives that this is no longer acceptable, especially when it comes to data privacy violations.  In thew digital world in which we all live, the potential implications of these violations only are going to become more serious, and I think we as a culture have to draw the line.  A thick line.  Now.

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