1. Did You Know?

Your One-Stop-Shop for Retail Industry Intelligence.

Does your inbox look like this? Still trying to keep up with all the newsletters & alerts waiting for you every morning? Find yourself combing dozens of websites and blogs looking for that one gem that will make an impact?

Our goal at RetailWit is simple: Elevate your knowledge & save you time.

We want you to feel more informed, smarter, and dare we say wittier about the retail and CPG industry. And, save time doing it.

Every day we aggregate, categorize, and synthesize retail news in one spot as it happens. We go through the best (and worst) in blogs, newsfeeds and newsletters to bring you today’s news – not what happened last week or last month.

Look smarter in your next meeting or conference call, by dropping some retail knowledge. Go ahead and start scrolling, we bet you’ll learn something.

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  • December 23, 2020

    Welcome to RetailWit, we are thrilled you are here – we are building this for you so please give us feedback and comments on what we can do better.

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