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Stores Evolve With Retail Media

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 22: Stores Evolve With Retail Media

Retail media is moving into stores. Here’s why.

❤️ We still love brick-and-mortar.

Physical stores attract higher traffic than digital. For instance, 212 million consumers visited a Walmart store in June 2022 vs. 125 million for Walmart’s online properties. [Insider Intelligence]

📣 Stores offer desirable advertising real estate.

Retailers are monetizing their store assets, which allows more brands to buy in-store ads to connect with consumers while they shop.

📊 Retail media makes stores more measurable.

Retailers “want more data on how their customers are behaving in stores to make the physical retail experience more compelling and efficient.” [Modern Retail]

That’s why retailers are bringing more retail media to their physical stores to improve the bottom line and the customer experience.

What other types of in-store retail media would you add?

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