Lisa Goller's articles

  1. Trends & External Forces
Who has retail power? Market volatility continues to shift power across global retail players. Key success factors in 2022 include:  Agility  Efficiency  Unique offerings  Omnichannel excellence  Robust partnerships, including tech and logistics Using Porter’s 5 Forces as a framework, let’s see how today’s market factors affect retail stakeholders and the sources of their comparative power. […]
  1. Corporate Strategy
What’s fuelling retail strategy? What’s fuelling retail strategy? Overall, companies are investing in a superior customer experience in 2022 through: RISK MITIGATION: Building local and global networks to protect business continuity ROBUST OMNICHANNEL: Balancing physical assets and digital capabilities CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY: Adapting to shifting consumer needs What trends would you add? Stay tuned for Retail 2022: Porter’s 5 Forces.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Tech moves retail forward. This year, innovations will make retail:  FRICTIONLESS: Smooth processes let shoppers skip the checkout line  FAST: Rapid delivery will entice more consumers to skip the store  FUN: Livestreaming and the metaverse inject excitement into e-commerce Overall, retail tech inventiveness is boosting companies’ efficiency and agility, and helping them delight shoppers. AI/ML, AR/VR and cybersecurity […]
  1. Channel: Marketplace
Partnering up as e-commerce evolves … Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has boomed during the pandemic as it:  Connects sellers of all sizes to online shoppers  Collaborates with leading tech & media companies  Partners with government to digitize small businesses As a result, Shopify ranks 6th on BCG’s 2021 Growth Tech 100 list while e-commerce soars. Notice […]
  1. Channel: Delivery
Instacart is delivering the goods. Its pandemic partnerships reveal how the delivery star is taking on rivals like Uber and DoorDash by expanding across:  Categories  Channels  Borders As rapid delivery rivals heat up globally, Instacart gained omnichannel tech by acquiring Caper AI, which makes in-store tech like smart carts and instant checkouts. CEO Fidji Simo, […]
  1. Channel: Mass
Walmart’s been busy hooking up. Collaborations keep strengthening the retail giant’s competitive position during the pandemic. As retail gets more digital and social, these partnerships give Walmart an edge with progressive:  Logistics  Marketing  Merchandising To see where retail is heading, stay tuned for more of this Pandemic Partnerships series, including Instacart, Shopify and Amazon.
  1. Operations & Supply Chain
Retail’s getting riskier. Here are 5 risks that retailers, brands and their supply chain partners are trying to mitigate to ensure business continuity and satisfy consumers’ needs. Notice how several risks overlap, like: Labor shortages contribute to inflation Rising logistics costs also add to inflation Delta threats affect headcount amid a talent war What market […]