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  1. Channel: Mass
Look how far Walmart has come! Since 2020. Since 2020, Walmart has shown strategic agility by adapting to consumers’ needs, competitors’ moves and market shifts. Notable patterns include: ⭐ Modern marketing ⭐ Omnichannel maturity ⭐ New B2B revenue streams How else has Walmart evolved? Coming soon: We’ll keep this series going with a similar review of Target and […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
What risks do retail CEOs navigate? Overall, these 7 risks show how: ⚠️ AGILITY is required to keep up with these powerful and shifting market factors ⚠️ ECONOMICS profoundly influence consumer behavior and corporate strategy ⚠️ OPPORTUNITIES lie within risks (i.e. AI drives productivity, inflation fuels private labels) What risks would you add? Related: 2023 Retail PEST Analysis 2023 Retail Strategy […]
  1. Owned Brands (Private Label)
Private labels keep growing more powerful. Sales of private label products are rising around the world, as consumers seek options for:  AFFORDABILITY amid high inflation  QUALITY products they can trust  INNOVATION through unique items Retailers face a massive growth opportunity help shoppers save money on products they love, as private labels have evolved into brands […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
AI is revolutionizing retail. The global market for AI in retail is expected to reach $24 billion by 2028, rising by a CAGR of 24.4%. [Forbes] The pandemic, supply chain disruption, profitability pressures and labor shortage have forced retailers and brands to find more efficient ways to work. See how AI powers everything from customer […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
Retail power dynamics keep shifting … Over the past year: Inflation eroded companies’ and consumers’ purchasing power Employees swung from The Great Resignation to The Great Layoff Retailers and brands invested more in tech for growth, agility and efficiency Notice interrelations like inflation reducing consumption and the rise in private labels. Also, layoffs may pull more people toward […]
  1. Retailer Media
Retail media boom time … Retail media boom time … Although consumer spending has declined, retail media networks have emerged as a powerful B2B revenue driver. RETAILERS grow their top line BRANDS advertise their products as consumers shop BOTH gain deeper insights into consumer habits and patterns To kick off this new series on retail’s marketing evolution, here’s […]
  1. Stores & Formats
Skip the store (or get out & shop)? As our omnichannel habits evolve, are you more likely to: Escape your pandemic cocoon to touch and examine products in stores, or Feel dazzled by online shopping, which caters to us like royalty? Here are top qualities that attract us to brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce and both. What […]