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Retail Media is on Fire

#30DaysofRetailMedia Day 1: Retail Media is on Fire

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 1: Retail Media is on Fire 🔥

Welcome to this new series dedicated to examining retail media’s profound influence on the global retail, marketing and tech industries.

There’s a steep learning curve in retail media. Given the abundance of daily news on this booming space, it’s hard to keep up with this powerful retail force.

Since I’m still learning, I’m sharing resources that have acted as my personal cheat sheets over the past year in case they can help you, too.

This 30-day series will evolve from snackable content on retail media basics to increasingly meaty content on retail media’s impact on industry:

🔥 Stakeholders
🔥 Structure
🔥 Strategy

Follow along!

Retail Media’s Global Appeal
Retail Media (market overview)

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