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Retail Media Sparks Restructuring

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 16: Retail Media Sparks Restructuring

Global retail rethinks its marketing and tech infrastructure.

92% of brand advertisers and 74% of agencies say they’re partnering with retailers to reach consumers.

These stakeholders are moving from silos to a more integrated structure, as retailers evolve into media companies to help brands reach consumers as they shop.


🔸 Traditional systems don’t reflect consumers’ omnichannel habits, and expectations of convenience, speed and personalization
🔸 Silos limit companies’ growth due to inefficiencies and redundancies


🔸 Restructuring to support retail media affects strategy, people, processes and tools
🔸 Resources are flowing into retail media, including marketing budgets, tech investments and global talent


Aligning retail media stakeholders to satisfy consumers’ needs helps companies stay:

🔸 Agile
🔸 Efficient
🔸 Relevant
🔸 Profitable

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