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On-Site vs. Off-Site Retail Media

#30DaysofRetailMedia Day 3:

#30DaysofRetailMedia | Day 3: On-Site vs. Off-Site Retail Media

Brands have a growing number of choices in where they advertise to reach consumers.

Retail media options include:

📣 On-site advertising using retailers’ owned media (like their own websites and apps)

📣 Off-site advertising using paid media (like social media or e-commerce marketplaces)

On-site ad placements will account for 85.5% of spending in 2023, according to Insider Intelligence.

Off-site media tends to be harder to measure due to limited conversion tracking, sales conversions taking place in a different channel and sales attribution challenges.

Factors that affect where brand advertisers invest their ad dollars include:

🔸 Performance objectives
🔸 Access to their desired audience
🔸 Transparency of advertising options.

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