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  1. Channel: Club, Costco, Home Depot and many other companies were knocked offline yesterday as a result of a disruption at Akamia Technologies, a global content delivery network. Akamai said it identified the problem and put a fix in place to resume normal operations.
  1. Technology & Innovation
Home Depot has signed a multiyear cloud-services contract with Google Cloud that the retailer believes will help it enhance its existing digital services while rolling out new features. The home improvement retailer has rolled out several new services this year, including an option that allows its mobile app users to rent heavy equipment. Home Depot […]
  1. Trends & External Forces
The stock price of Crocs has risen 260 percent over the last year as demand for the ugly but comfortable clogs has continued to increase throughout the pandemic. “The company has done everything right – everything from celebrity sponsors, they’ve done a great e-commerce pivot during the pandemic and another great earnings report here with […]
  1. Stores & Formats
A cannabis dispensary has opened in the same location that formerly housed a Sprint store at the Union Landing shopping center in Union City, CA. “When you go into dispensaries you’ll be shocked,” said Bill Schrader, owner of Austin Group, which leased the space. “The store is a cross between an Apple store and a […]
  1. Stores & Formats
Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer of QVC U.S.A and HSN, believes that improved storytelling can bridge the gap between physical and virtual retailing. “What was so powerful about retail experiences was the relationships you built with the shopkeepers and the proprietors of those stores. And candidly, in many ways, shopping was as much about fulfilling […]
  1. Stores & Formats
Bed Bath & Beyond’s New York City flagship store bears little if any resemblance to its former self. The retailer has widened the space between aisles, reduced clutter, added branded shop-in-shops and opened up the space with natural sunlight through windows located next to a cafe. The store is one of the first of 450 […]
  1. Channel: Apparel
Gap is consolidating the perks customers receive from its individual credit cards and loyalty programs — Navyist Rewards, Gap Good Rewards, Banana Republic Rewards and Athleta Rewards — under a single program so that customers “can shop across all four brands and no matter which brand they enrolled in or how they spend, all of […]