Your Views:  Great Experiences

Yesterday we took note of a Fast Company piece arguing that it is an over-generalization to say that Gen Z is made up largely of people who are “quiet quitting” or doing the bare minimum at work, that they are devoid of a work ethic or any sort of ambition.  The larger problem, the author argues, is a “lack of interpersonal connection” and a sense of “belonging in the workplace.”

MNB reader Lisa Bosshard responded:

KC, I couldn’t agree with you more and wanted to share a great experience I’ve had over the last 2 years.  Long story short, I took on a new employee as an analyst with zero experience in that field.  What he lacked in experience, he made up for in spades with a deep love of learning new things, being open to feedback/coaching and a strong desire to share what he learned combined with a respect for everyone he works with.  Now, I have to share, I am his mother’s age and he is younger than my grown daughter.

However, our professional relationship works beautifully!   Our conversations range from managing personal finances to excellent documentaries and youtube learning videos.  And, I’ve learned as much from him as he learned from me.   Deep respect for all generations when one approaches work and especially learning, with the right attitude.  Great article!

On another subject, from another MNB reader:

In regards to the article about the 70ish woman working at the Amazon Go store in the airport.  I think this is strategically (or accidentally) brilliant!  I think this conveys the message that anyone, regardless of age or ability can use the Amazon Go technology……I am not quite 70, but even in my fifties I am finding technology starting to pass me by.

My husband and I were just having a conversation with neighbors about our parents trying to navigate things like on-line banking and shopping, Virtual medical benefits, etc. and what it might look like when we are in our 70s and 80s!   I would be much more inspired to venture to the Amazon Go, or take up other new technology if the perception didn’t seem that it was exclusive to “green haired 25 year olds”.

And, on yet another subject, MNB reader Dave Ahrens wrote:

The boneless wing story reminded me of a recent visit to Outback Steakhouse. They are featuring combos with “barbecue chicken ribs” ? ? ?  – apparently an Aussie thing.

I couldn’t imagine what part of chicken ribs would be worth eating so I asked the waitress to explain. She really couldn’t tell me what part of a chicken I would be eating but said  they are very tasty and the meat falls right off of the bone – hmmmm/clue?

Ends up being a pretty nice surprise. Looks like they take chicken thighs and trim them a bit around the bone to about the size of a baby back rib, slow cook them like a rib and slosh bbq sauce on them. It’s maybe, like a poor man’s baby back rib? Not a very accurate name on the menu but pretty tasty.

And one MNB reader had a thought about this week’s piece about the vertical farm in the parking lot of a Roche Bros. store in Boston:

You get to do such cool stuff!! This is an awesome find!!

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