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Worth Reading:  The Black Lime Opportunity

Food & Wine has an interesting piece about black limes, a product that, to be honest, I’d never heard of before.

An excerpt:

“Black limes, also known as dried limes or black lemons, are often used in Middle Eastern and North African cooking. They add a sour and salty flavor to stews, tagines, and other dishes. The versatility of black lime, which gets its dark, dried appearance from being sun-dried until it turns black in color, makes the fruit a delicious addition to any cook’s arsenal.

“What Is a Black Lime?  A black lime is a type of lime that has been blanched in a salty brine, then dried in the sun until their flesh and peel have turned black and have hardened. The drying process concentrates the lime’s natural flavors and aromas, making black limes a powerful and flavorful addition to a wide range of dishes.”

You can read the entire story – complete with recipe recommendations – here.

KC’s View:

I bring this up because to me, it illustrates an area in which retailers can play a larger role.  I’ll bet that there are a lot of people out there who never have heard of black limes, and might want to add them to their kitchen repertoire.  Educating people about their use is one way to sell more product, and create a differential advantage when compared to less ambitious retailers.

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