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Worth Reading:  Inside Andy Jassy’s Management Style

Business Insider has a story this morning about Amazon’s new CEO, Andy Jassy, that it suggests offers insight into his management style.

Looking at email chains and internal communications between Jassy and other executives, Business Insider writes that they “provide new insights into one of the most important management handoffs in the history of modern American business. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s visionary and mercurial founder, built the company from scratch into a dominant e-commerce and cloud-computing platform with over 1.6 million employees. In July, he handed the empire to Jassy. Such leadership transitions are risky, especially for founder-led technology companies.

“The documents reveal the new CEO applying his penchant for micromanaging to a bevy of customer complaints, instructing his team to review and resolve problems swiftly — much more often than Bezos did. For Jassy, who spent the prior 15 years leading AWS, these customer emails also give a uniquely exhaustive view into Amazon’s retail business, helping him adjust to a larger role managing other parts of the company he’s less familiar with.

The emails reveal a highly customer-focused perspective, which is not surprising for anyone with Amazon’s DNA, and they also suggest that Jassy is using the process to learn more about the retail business.

Business Insider goes on:

“It’s not unusual for Amazon executives to dig into customer complaints to get a pulse on how the customer experience is going. Bezos famously forwarded simple question-mark emails to his team when he saw unusual charges. Others, like the company’s worldwide-consumer CEO, Dave Clark, also actively investigate customer emails. But Jassy’s frequency and depth of such inquiries far outpace other executives’, according to a person familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations.”

The story points out that “Michael Johnson, a management professor at the University of Washington, said there’s a difficult balance to strike between pushing for results and micromanaging. If Jassy is giving enough freedom for employees to make their own decisions, Amazon will continue to thrive. But if he starts to interfere in operational decisions too, it could quickly go the other way.”

You can read the story here.

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