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White Bagging Update 2022: Hospitals Battle to Boost Buy-and-Bill

The battle for control of the specialty patient continues.

In 2022, specialty pharmacies—via white, brown, and clear bagging—now constitute a meaningful share of the distribution channels for provider-administered oncology drugs.

However, buy-and-bill appears to have rebounded substantially at hospitals. As I explain below, this resurgence likely reflects the success of vertically-integrated hospital/specialty pharmacy/physician mega-systems against the large insurer/PBM/specialty pharmacy/provider mega-organizations.

Read on for full details and the latest data.

FYI: The material in today’s article is adapted from Chapter 3 of our forthcoming 2022-23 Economic Report on Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Specialty Distributors, now available to preorder at special introductory pricing.

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