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Walmart’s Strategy to Attract Gen Z Shoppers: Fresh Food and Affordable Fashion

the world’s largest retailer, is making a bold move to attract the Gen Z
demographic. The company is leveraging its affordable fashion line, No
Boundaries, to entice this younger generation to not only buy clothes but also
fresh food from their stores.
 According to Steven Johnson
Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®Walmart is focused at the intersection of
inflation, demographic relevance, choice, and discovery all are important to
both Gen Z and Millennials.

The Power of Affordable Fashion 

Walmart has reimagined its legacy young adult fashion brand, No Boundaries, to appeal to Gen Z shoppers. The $2 billion brand promises a modern, relevant, and youthful assortment with new fabrication, shapes, and styles, with most pieces priced under $15. This affordable pricing strategy is a key part of Walmart’s plan to attract Gen Z consumers, who are known for their value-driven shopping habits. 

The No Boundaries line, which features 130 pieces that span women’s clothing and intimates, men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, will launch in stores and on Walmart.com on July 16. About 80% of the assortment will cost less than $15, including many pieces for just $5. 

Linking Fashion to Fresh Food 

Walmart’s strategy doesn’t stop at affordable fashion. The company aims to leverage the appeal of its clothing line to encourage Gen Z consumers to buy fresh food from their stores.  

Gen Z consumers are known for their preference for fresh and wholesome foods. They are also more likely to buy bulk produce and larger family packs of meat/poultry. By offering affordable fashion and fresh food under one roof, Walmart is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for Gen Z consumers. 

The Impact of E-commerce 

E-commerce plays a significant role in
Walmart’s strategy. The company has seen a surge in online grocery sales, holding 48 percent of sales as of June 2021. With Gen Z and Millennials more likely than Baby Boomers to have purchased fewer fresh fruits and vegetables than they otherwise would have, changed the stores they shop at, or bought more products online, Walmart’s strong online presence is a crucial factor in attracting these younger consumers.

Think about this 

Walmart’s strategy of linking affordable fashion to fresh food purchases demonstrates a keen understanding of Gen Z’s shopping habits and preferences. By offering stylish, affordable clothing and fresh, wholesome food in one convenient location, both in-store and online, Walmart is well-positioned to attract and retain Gen Z consumers. As this younger generation continues to gain purchasing power, strategies like Walmart’s will likely become increasingly common in the retail landscape. 

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