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Walmart’s Relevance is both Big, Small, Customer Focused


One foodservice clue that time and time again continues to resurface is “the consumer is dynamic not static”.  Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® insist is “successful companies that focus on customer pain point, provide solutions, win time and time again.

You are going to love reading how Walmart the retail behemoth has the ability to understand it customers and provide service. Here we go, Walmart partnered with Getaway, a company that rents very small camping cabins, on The General Store by Walmart, which will sell curated goods for vacationers.

Yes, that’s right Walmart teamed up with Getaway, a hospitality company, to open tiny retail stores at its out-of-the-way vacation spots.

So, the General Store by Walmart is described as a “mini-retail experience” that will sell outdoor-focused products like s’mores fixings, cast iron skillets, hiking gear, lip balm and disposable cameras, as well as goods made by local small businesses.

This is not a just none off, Walmart’s first general store is slated to open next month at a Getaway location in Wimberley, Texas, with more tiny stores planned to open throughout the year in Moodus, Conn.; Running Springs, Calif.; Roscoe, NY; and Osceola, Mo.

In case you did not know, Getaway builds collections of super-small cabin two hours from major cities, which it calls Outposts. The cabins have kitchens and running water, but no WiFi or cell service, to help campers … get away from the modern world. The company currently has 19 Outposts with a total of more than 784 cabins.

Walmart VP of Brand Marketing Casey Schlaybaugh, stated, “Walmart’s partnership with Getaway furthers our mission to help people live better no matter where they are,” We are going beyond just saving people money by enabling guests to maximize Getaway’s experience and empowering them to spend more quality time with those who matter most.”

Exactly as you would expect, the General Stores will be located in small, wooden, slope-roofed cabins on wheels. Walmart’s name and starburst logo is in yellow, in smaller print, under signage saying The General Store. The store’s tote bags say, “Quality Goods, Great Outdoors,” with Walmart in a smaller font. Inside are rustic wooden shelves displaying a very small, heavily curated selection of goods.

The items sold at The General Store will also be sold on Walmart.com via a special Getawayshopping page. And those who visit Outpost over the next year will receive a free trial of the retailer’s membership program, Walmart+.

Carlos Becil, chief experience officer at Getaway, stated, “At Getaway, our mission is to help people disconnect and spend time in nature. In partnering with Walmart, we are able to amplify our efforts to a larger audience and provide our guests with more free time, helping them prepare for their stays and enjoy the comforts of nature once they arrive.”

Are you looking a customer ahead?  Don’t get stuck in a rut doing what you have always done.

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