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Use-Case: How AI Vision helped La-Z-Boy Get Accurate Counts

At Trakwell.ai, we understand how difficult it is for brick-and-mortar businesses to maximize every sales opportunity. This is why we offer real-world AI computer vision to analyze foot traffic, improve teams, and automate data.

The Problem

Inability to get accurate foot traffic counts

Motion detection technology, while a significant advancement in its time, has inherent limitations that hinder its ability to provide reliable foot traffic data. 

La-Z-Boy was experiencing duplicate counts caused by shadows. Motion sensor cameras detect people by monitoring changes in pixel color within specific zones. Any changes in light, not just a person walking through a designated area, can trigger the sensors.

Shadows, varying levels of sunlight, and other environmental factors can also alter pixel colors, leading to false detections.

The Solution

Computer vision for accurate entry counts, occupancy, and proximity of visitors. 

Trakwell’s cutting-edge alwaysAI™ platform was trained for La-Z-Boys use-case and deployed across the designated cameras, enabling real-time object detection and occupancy capabilities. The platform’s sophisticated algorithms discerns visitors amidst complex backgrounds, overcoming challenges such as false person detections and duplicates.

Analytical Insights​

Reduction in false person detections

Reduction in duplicate person counts on average per month

Key Benefits​

  • Accuracy: Unparalleled entry counting, occupancy, and proximity that mitigates manual methods.

  • Efficiency: Automation reduced the labor and time required for entry counting, allowing staff to focus on core operations and serving customers.

  • Insights: Detailed analytics provided actionable insights into visitor patterns, enabling La-Z-Boy to optimize staffing levels, marketing strategies, and space optimization.

  • Integration: Seamless integration with existing systems ensured minimal disruption to ongoing operations while enhancing overall performance.

  • Pricing: Utilization of low-cost cameras and equipment powered by AI computer vision is a superior alternative to high-cost, “out-of-the-box”, one-size-fits-all solutions. 


Essential Data Delivered at Scale

By leveraging Trakwell’s advanced AI platform, La-Z-Boy successfully addressed the challenge of increasing accuracy and reducing false-positivesThe solution not only provided real-time insights into visitor traffic but also empowered data-driven decision-making from anywhere, at any time.

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