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Trakwell and Podium – Together at Last!

We are thrilled to announce that Trakwell now integrates with Podium! You can now request reviews directly from Trakwell and get customers attention directly after a positive interaction.

Podium™ is a revolutionary review and messaging system that lets you collect and manage your online reviews in one central platform. This means you can rank higher, answer quicker, and close deals faster than ever with Podium, and:

  • Bolster your online presence 
  • Respond to reviews
  • Improve your business ratings  
  • Manage your reputation 

Stay connected to your customers every step of their buying journey and beyond.

There’s a lot of talk these days about how your customers have already researched you online before they ever enter your store. This is great news, because if they are in your store, they are ready to buy. The question is: How do you know what happened? Did you ask your salesperson how it went after they left and hope the customer comes back like they said they would?

Or, did your customer enter your store, get assigned to a salesperson, where you tracked the entire engagement and got a review after they left, all in the same system so follow-up is a snap?

If you don’t have Podium and Doorcounts working together, the answer to the above question is a big fat NO WAY JOSE’!

Follow Up with Ease

Simply click on the Podium Icon on the customers image, and a review request will instantly be texted to the customer.

See Reviews Directly in your CRM

Integrating customer reviews directly into your CRM system offers several significant benefits that can drive follow-up sales and enhance customer relationships, particularly in a retail environment. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Personalized Follow-Up

When customer reviews are linked to individual profiles in your CRM, it provides detailed insights into each customer’s experience and satisfaction levels. This information allows sales and support teams to tailor follow-up communications based on previous interactions. For instance, if a customer left a positive review, you can personalize your message to thank them and inform them of upcoming sales or new products they might be interested in.

2. Identifying and Rewarding Loyal Customers

Positive reviews can help identify loyal customers who are advocates for your brand. Acknowledging these customers with exclusive offers, early access to sales, or loyalty rewards can reinforce their positive experience and encourage repeat business. This can also foster a sense of community and loyalty, driving more consistent sales.

3. Improving Customer Retention

By actively monitoring and responding to customer reviews through your CRM, you can address any issues or concerns promptly. This proactive approach shows customers that you value their feedback and are committed to improving their shopping experience, which can significantly enhance customer retention.

In summary, integrating customer reviews into your CRM system provides a powerful tool for enhancing customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and driving sales. By leveraging this information, retailers can create more personalized, responsive, and effective customer interactions, leading to a stronger, more profitable customer relationship.

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