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The Grocerant Guru: Unveiling the Efficiency Engine of the Future – The Rise of Grocerants


Johnson is the Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  He has spent years dissecting the
ever-evolving food industry landscape. Today, he wants to delve into a niche
that’s not only thriving but fundamentally transforming how we source, prepare,
and consume food: the grocerant niche.

the uninitiated, grocerants are establishments including Convenience stores,
Grocery Service-Deli’s, Restaurants offering Takeout, and other outlets that
seamlessly blend meals or meal components for takeout.

browsing fresh produce, then strolling over to have a chef whip up a custom
salad using those same ingredients or picking up different meal components fresh
prepared that are either Ready-2-Eat or simply Heat-N-Eat that can be bundled
into a personalized, customized, fresh, fast, family meal. That’s the grocerant

grocerants are more than just culinary convenience. Behind the scenes, they’re
a symphony of operational efficiency. Let’s dissect the key elements driving
this change:

Reduced Waste:
Grocerants have a direct line from farm to table, minimizing spoilage that
plagues traditional restaurants. Think about it: leftover ingredients from the
grocery side can be creatively incorporated into restaurant dishes, and vice

Inventory Optimization: Grocerants leverage real-time sales data to optimize
inventory across both grocery and restaurant sections. This reduces the risk of
overstocking and ensures fresh ingredients are always available.

Labor Streamlining: Cross-trained staff can seamlessly switch between stocking shelves and
fulfilling restaurant orders. This flexibility optimizes labor allocation and
reduces operational costs.

Data-Driven Decisions: Grocerants use data analytics to understand customer
preferences and buying habits. This allows them to tailor product offerings and
promotions, further enhancing efficiency and profitability.

grocerant revolution isn’t just about bean counting; it’s about offering a
superior customer experience. Imagine whipping up a gourmet meal at home using
top-quality meal components you just picked out or had delivered from some of
your family’s favorite food retailers, or grabbing a restaurant-quality meal or
meal component without the wait. That’s the grocerant promise.

the Grocerant Guru®, I’m witnessing a paradigm shift. Grocerants are the
future, and their operational efficiency is the engine driving this
transformation. So, buckle up, foodies! The grocerant era is upon us, and it’s
bringing a wave of delicious efficiency! Eat fresher, prepare meals faster,
empower every meal at home to be a happy meal.

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Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA
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