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The 2024 Global Forecast Series + Bonus Gift

As 2023 comes to an end, the year was no doubt an eventful one with economic uncertainties, geopolitical tensions, and transformative waves of technological innovation.

So with that in mind, what can we expect for 2024?

To help you navigate the uncertainties, we’re inviting you to join our third annual Global Forecast Series—your ultimate cheatsheet for the year ahead.

The 2024 Global Forecast Series

Across December and January, our VC+ subscribers get exclusive access to our biggest event of the year with visual insights on the global economy, markets, geopolitics, and tech.

It’s the ultimate cheatsheet for the year ahead, with an in-depth report that summarizes 500+ expert predictions about next year, video commentary from the VC team, along with a recap of what experts got right and wrong this past year.

To access the 2024 Global Forecast Series and receive our limited-time bonus gift (see details below), join VC+ before December 29th.

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Need more details? Here’s what we have in store:

“2024 Global Forecast Flagship Report”

REPORT: A Comprehensive Overview of the Top Trends for the Year Ahead

The 2024 Global Forecast Series

The 2024 Global Forecast Report will reveal the pivotal trends that will shape our world next year. Compiling insights curated from 500+ expert predictions, we distill everything you need to know for the New Year into one comprehensive report.

From how current geopolitical clashes and tensions will unfold to market and industry forecasts, this report will give you a glimpse into the future with impactful and digestible visuals.

Coming Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 (Get VC+ to access)

“Unpacking the 2024 Global Forecast”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Deep Dive of the 2024 Report with the VC Team

The 2024 Global Forecast Series

This special video gives members a chance to explore the key findings from our 2024 Global Forecast, as the VC team dives into additional insights and predictions that didn’t make it into the report.

VC+ members will get a chance to submit questions in advance regarding expert forecasts related to any sector, industry, or topic, with the VC team finding answers from our 2024 predictions database.

Coming Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 (Get VC+ to access)

“Looking Back at 2023’s Prediction Consensus”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: What Experts Got Right and Wrong This Past Year

The 2024 Global Forecast Series

Each year our research team digs into hundreds of reports, forecasts, and predictions to curate our annual Prediction Consensus.

This VC+ special dispatch revisits 2023’s Prediction Consensus and looks at what experts got right, wrong, and didn’t see coming at all. The dispatch also takes a look at what last year’s successful predictors are saying about 2024, in case they nail it again.

Coming Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 (Get VC+ to access)

Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time, new VC+ members will be sent an exclusive bonus gift on December 29th.

“Best of VC+ 2023”

BONUS GIFT: A Wrap Up of the Best Visual Insights From This Year

The 2024 Global Forecast Series

This bonus gift recaps the very best visual insights VC+ members received over the past year, highlighting our favorite and most impactful.

Make sure to sign up early, as this bonus gift will be sent out exclusively to all VC+ members who sign up before December 29th, 2023.

Coming Friday, December 29th, 2023 (Get VC+ to access)

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