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Tesco taps new dunnhumby AI powered Assortment solution for localised ranging in retailer’s stores

dunnhumby is introducing new AI powered assortment technology. This is being used by Tesco to improve customer shopping experiences through smarter product selection.

It enables retailers to:

  • Create localised ranges, down to store specific level

  • Develop space aware ranges and planograms

  • Implement a more efficient, end-to-end process

“In today’s dynamic retail landscape, keeping up with customer expectations while outpacing local competition is crucial,” says Jenn Dabbelt, Global Head of Product, dunnhumby.

“Our new Assortment tool, powered by advanced AI, allows retailers to build store-specific ranges centred on what the customer wants.”

“This supercharges retailers’ ability to deliver by streamlining the entire process from end to end, helping them bring to life exceptional experiences for customers.”

Julie Sharrocks, Head of Retail AI, dunnhumby, says: “Retailers need to be able to understand customer needs – and which products are most likely to satisfy them – quickly and at scale.”

“With decades of refinement behind them, the AI tools and techniques that we’ve built in dunnhumby Assortment now allow retailers to do exactly that.”

Tesco is using these AI capabilities to provide locally relevant ranges, with the aim of improving the shopping experience, and ensuring customers are able to find the right products in the right stores.


Avocado fans will notice some changes when they pick up one of Britain’s most popular salad items at Tesco.

The retailer is testing out the scrapping of barcode stickers currently on extra large avocados and replacing them with a bold laser etching.

At the same time it is also trialling replacing the plastic tray packaging for two of its most popular avocado lines and moving to a cardboard container that is easier to recycle.

Tesco avocado buyer Lisa Gilbey says: “We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products, and cut down on plastic waste in the home through changes to our packaging.”

“We’re really excited to hear customer feedback on our new laser etched avocados, avoiding the need for a barcode sticker that can easily be forgotten and left on when recycling through household food waste.” 

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