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Over a decade ago, the mobile phone revolutionized e-commerce and shaped the importance of mobile-first shopping experiences, data collection, and trust. With consumers now expecting personalization from brands, retailers are racing to deliver one-to-one experiences to grab their attention and loyalty. Here are three ways retailers can harness the power of AI to transform the […]
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Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has set the marketing world aflame. Tools like DALL·E and Adobe Firefly have demonstrated the potential of AI to produce engaging creative from limited resources. Looking beyond that, what can it offer in terms of media efficiency for brand and retail marketers? The ability of GenAI tools to remix and iterate […]
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Results from the 30th edition of The CMO Survey indicate that inflation and economic uncertainty are harming marketing spending as the C-suite retrenches and cuts costs. While more than half of marketers reported a 10.4 percent increase over the previous year in the September 2022 survey, this group is reporting just 2.9 percent growth over […]
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AI bolsters marketing returns, weaker Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion investments and impact, and brand activism shifts to hot-button societal issues are among the results of the Fall 2023 edition. Results are based on a sample of 316 marketing leaders at for-profit U.S. companies, 96% of whom hold positions of VP-level or higher. Marketer Optimism Rises, […]
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2023 was another record-setting year for e-commerce sales and the growth is expected to continue in 2024. How companies achieve their growth will depend on how effective they are with engaging their audience via different channels and subsequently maximizing the return on investment of those channels. In all of this, one thing remains consistent year […]
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The 2024 State of Business Texting Report created by Text Request uncovers key insights and strategies for a wide range of industries using text messaging, including retail. The report covers benefits, challenges and opportunities associated with business texting. Let’s dive into the main takeaways for retail businesses. How Does Texting Benefit Retail Businesses? Retail businesses […]
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Retail and 2024 are both in full swing, and both the year and commerce kicked off at the National Retail Federation in New York City in early January. This is always a vibrant, engaging and important whirlwind for me… and an experience I look forward to every year. After all, as a self-described retail geek, […]
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Whether or not New Year resolutions are your thing, I think it’s fair to say everyone would like their year ahead to be more profitable. How they aim to accomplish that may vary, but the simple goal of making more profit when operating your business rarely – if ever – escapes a professional’s wish list […]
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  We have been told that as a result of the tax cuts to expect higher wages, a booming economy, and growth which means time starved consumers will see an increase demand on their time according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® So in 2018 expect to see an increase […]
  1. Channel: Mass
  Cash strapped, time starved, and college loans are just some of the problems driving Gen Z and Millennial consumers to the dinner table at home this year.  However, if you are not going out for Thanksgiving to a restaurant or relatives Target has a deal for you. According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at […]
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Personalization has become a norm rather than just being something that e-commerce brands do to just sway customers. Ecommerce Personalization has become just more than that in this bustling world. 66% of consumers want businesses to understand their specific requirements and expectations. (Salesforce). 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
  The retail foodservice customers are not fickle, they are evolving, dynamic, and moving forward searching for ways to make dinner complexity free according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.  I hope you are not the Neanderthal brand marketer waiting for yesterday and the status quo to return to the way things in the restaurant, grocery, and convenience store sectors […]
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As the holiday season quickly approaches, having a pulse on the performance of various marketing channels is essential for brands to maximize their return on investment. This is especially true when it comes to heavily relied upon opt-in channels like email and SMS. A recently released email and SMS marketing report shed light on these […]
  1. Media & Marketing
  Consumers are dynamic not static and today that means smartphones are fast becoming the food marketing platform of choice according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. In a battle for share of stomach C-stores, restaurants, bodegas, and grocery store delis all need a fresh focus on smartphones. Art Sebastian, […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
While the COVID-19 pandemic did slow the economy down amidst a lot of problems, it also led to an e-commerce surge and accelerated digital transformation by 5 years. What was considered futuristic is now being experienced in the present and businesses who haven’t implemented them are considered outdated. This is because, with growing advancements, comes […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
E-commerce is gradually becoming the preferred shopping medium for consumers. In 2023, nearly 21 percent of purchases are expected to happen online, amounting to more than $6.3 billion in total spending. Today’s shoppers can do almost anything on a computer or mobile device: collaborate with co-workers, buy groceries, and even purchase a new car. As […]
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Looking for a marketing edge? Of course you are, but little did you know that the elusive edge may be closer than you realize. Omnisend’s recently released yearly email and SMS marketing benchmark report analyzed more than 17 billion marketing emails and 107 million SMS sent by brands in 2022. It showed how deeply consumers […]
  1. Channel: Restaurants
  Building your brand can be a great benefit today when you are targeting both Millennials and Gen Z consumers.  Digital natives have never had to adopt technology, they grew up with it.  Hand Held mobile marketing is simply they way they think, relate, and find relevance. Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based […]
  1. Technology & Innovation
Low-and-no contact retail exploded in response to the demands of COVID-19, yet these service delivery methods remain popular. Near-store, curbside solutions leverage modern, fast data networks to help to minimize that contact. When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone in 2007, few could have  anticipated just how much smartphones and their adoption would transform what […]
  1. Shopper & Customer
With increasing emphasis on omnichannel strategy when engaging customers, real-time communication becomes essential as more and more consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via SMS. Consider the following data: 8 percent of Americans opt for SMS as their preferred communication channel to receive transactional updates; and 3 percent of American consumers wish to receive […]
  1. Holiday & Events
E-commerce brands faced a holiday shopping season filled with uncertainty — uncertainty around when the shopping season would start in earnest, inflation’s impact on consumer spending, and the costs and performance of paid marketing channels. And with good reason. Throughout the year, the cost and performance on channels such as paid social and paid search […]
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Marketers depend on location-based advertising to deliver tailored recommendations directly to mobile devices. Provided that its data is accurate, geospatial marketing improves campaign accuracy and return on investment, elevates the consumer experience, and offers brands a means of measuring success. By unlocking these benefits, agencies from every sector are offering brick-and-mortar customers opportunities to compete […]
  1. Channel: Mass
Merchants across the globe are navigating an uncertain economy as they find their way out of a pandemic. They must continuously adapt to various forces to meet shopper demands and drive conversions by applying new technologies and methods. But opportunity still exists for online merchants. Online shopping exploded into a more than $5 trillion market […]
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Retailers are facing challenging times. A persistent pandemic, inflation, supply chain disruption, and competition from giants is forcing smaller and mobile-only retailers to get crafty to avoid slipping margins. On top of all this, mobile marketers are facing ecosystem changes around privacy that are making it harder to tailor messages to prospects and acquire new […]

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TikTok has given us “girl math” and “boy math,” and now I’d like to add “Tech Math” to the mix. Tech Math is when every technology partner tells you that they have contributed (fill in the blank) $XX million in additional sales…and yet, surprisingly, the business isn’t up nearly as much, if at all.  Despite […]
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Consumer Price Index inflation slowed to 2.3% in April, down from 3.2% in March, albeit higher than expected, according to the Office for National Statistics. It’s the lowest level since the summer of 2021, versus 3.2% in March. The news follows yesterday’s announcement from Kantar… This story continues at Industry reacts to CPI inflation dipping […]
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MINNEAPOLIS—Target reported that first-quarter sales were down compared to last year, as it had projected. However, the company expects sales to turn positive in the second quarter and for the year as a whole. Comparable sales declined 3.7% in the first quarter, reflecting a comparable store sales decline of 4.8% partially offset by a comparable […]
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Petco, partnering with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and human-grade dog food brand Ollie, will offer canine-safe ice cream for hot dogs seeking a cool treat. The non-dairy peanut butter and banana recipe is now available at Van Leeuwen scoop shops across the country, as well as at most Petco locations and online at for […]
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BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Walmart recently opened two new Neighborhood Markets, one in Florida and one in Georgia, that offer expanded assortments and more space for pickup and delivery. The new stores, one in the Dune Lakes area of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and the other in the Vine City neighborhood of Atlanta, feature updated layouts […]


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