Our friend, contributing editor and branding guru Todd Sebastian just launched a poll on LinkedIn on the evolution of branding from not just what we see, but what we hear, as well.  We want your input and thoughts!

#Sonicbranding (aka audio logo or sonic trademark) is the aural equivalent to a graphic logo. It’s essentially a soundbite — no more that a few seconds long — which aids in brand recognition. It is particularly valuable in audio-only media (e.g., radio, podcasts, apps like Spotify, etc.).

There are many great examples of sonic branding that are instantly recognizable. In my opinion, the best of the best are in this poll.

  • Netflix’s ta-dum
  • McDonald’s ba da ba ba ba
  • MGM’s lion roar
  • Intel’s chimes

Get in on the action and have your POV heard <link to the poll> and put any thoughts or comments in below.  We would love ideas and a good debate!

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