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Serve Up Convenience with Wallet-based Payment and Loyalty in One


The world is digitally transforming, and the pandemic has only accelerated the pace of that transformation. Customer expectations are skyrocketing, and they are demanding frictionless and seamless interactions with brands. Loyalty programs are no exception.

While most businesses have launched loyalty programs to drive retention and growth, many struggle to deliver the results expected. With the proliferation of loyalty programs, consumers have begun to suffer from a bit of application fatigue and are averse to carrying a plastic card. In fact, surveys show that 79% of Americans are more likely to join a rewards program that doesn’t require them to carry a physical card making it clear that consumers are looking for a seamless experience to stay connected with brands. Delivering a frictionless experience is key to running a successful loyalty program. This presents a challenge to businesses looking to drive business results with their loyalty programs that require cards or downloads.

One way to help ensure that your program meets today’s consumer expectations is by unifying loyalty transactions with the payments process, especially with the mobile payments process. Apply Pay usage is on the rise and the number of Apple Pay users is forecast to hit 48.7 million in 2023. Ninety-two percent of all the mobile wallet payments done in 2020 in the U.S. were made with Apple Pay and there are 2.3 billion mobile wallets in the world, 507 million of which are Apple Pay. Given the growth and popularity of Apple Pay, it could significantly benefit a brand to integrate its loyalty program with Apple Wallet. With such an approach, your brand will see many benefits:

  • Seamless Enrollment into your Loyalty
  • Program Expanded Reach to
  • New Customer Segments
  • Higher Speed of Service and Efficiency
  • Data Accuracy
  • Increased Revenue through Better Insights

Your guests will also see benefits:

  • Ultimate Convenience
  • Savings Anytime, Anywhere
  • Consolidated View of Loyalty Transactions

Many brands are now working with providers to unify their payment processes with loyalty programs. Recently Salsarita’s, a popular Mexican Grill chain, leveraged PAR Pay’s One-Tap Loyalty solution to unify payments and their loyalty program using Apple Wallet to create an immersive loyalty experience and drive business results. To learn more about Salsarita’s results, view their recent webcast.

It is essential for brands to implement the right solutions to facilitate a frictionless loyalty experience. One-Tap Loyalty is one of many solutions provided by PAR that quickly revolutionizes payment strategies and paves the foundation for brands to create the payment experience their customers crave.

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