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QuickWit Weekly 4.12 – When “green = green” & all the news worth knowing from the last week in retail

“When Green = Green”

In Malcom Gladwell’s book he defines The Tipping Point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”. It is our belief that corporations adding and reporting on a sustainability goal has officially reached the tipping point. The reason? Being green officially drives benefit (vs. cost) to the bottom line of a business. With some exceptions (i.e. Toms Shoes, Patagonia) the move isn’t an entirely altruistic change for many, it is also a financial one.

On RetailWit.com we tag each and every article that flows through the newsfeed with almost 2000 different tags. Additionally, we share trending tags on the site and two weeks ago the tag ‘sustainability’ cracked the top ten. While ‘sustainability’ isn’t a new term or idea, it is a big deal when just about everyone is talking about it or addressing it. 

Morrisons ditches the plastic

Our first big story, no surprise, was seeing a retailer take a big first step that will have implications for retailers worldwide, as Morrisons became the first UK retailer to completely remove single use plastic bags

Speaking of big retailers making a statement, Costco keeps on rolling

As many retailers have recently predicted more of a flat to down year, Costco reports increases in sales last month vs March last year. Interesting trend to keep an eye on, as maybe Costco converted more than just those shoppers look to stock up on toilet paper.

Grab a fresh cup of coffee and settle in 

Instacart shared a year of insights, too many insights and nuggets to sum up in something pithy here, check it out for yourself. 

In a business full of convenience and frictionless transactions, lies opportunity

Following the standard retailer playbook – Instacart & DoorDash are launching credit cards. There is no doubt their intentions are to become a retailer, but maybe not in the traditional sense. They are already competing for retail media dollars, now they are looking to take share of the credit card market. This gives them deeper ownership of the customer relationship and even more data, a really really smart move.

Instacart, Instacart, Instacart! 

“We’re first and foremost a chief ally to our grocery partners”, sure that sounds nice but retailers have a right to be suspicious – especially with that credit card news. Instacart can be a great temporary solution until retailers can develop their own capabilities, read more about how retailers should feel about them here.

Target gets top marks

Kantar research reveals consumers’ satisfaction with online shopping experience. Target.com ranked highest in overall online performance among consumers, with 78% having a positive experience on the website. Target’s top ranking was due to its strong performance in quality (82%), delivery speed (79%) and low friction (77%).

Target puts its money where their mouth is

Target Pledges to Spend $2 Billion+ with Black-Owned Businesses by 2025

Amazon hits a major milestone

Amazon has officially reached double digit share of the US Digital Ad Market, reaching an estimated $15 Billion. Amazon has momentum, and is only getting started.

Amazon and Unionization

Always a polarizing issue, there was a larger than expected turnout in the union vote last week. Amazon is treading carefully as they want to be seen as supportive of their immense workforce. This comes on the heels of the pee bottle story from last week.

From a company known for creating guest experiences and magic

Walmart Hires Disney VP as First Chief Creative Officer, really interesting move here as Walmart clearly is making a statement that they are going to be different going forward.

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