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Omnichannel retail marketing: 5 trends to watch

Retailers must prioritize omnichannel marketing in order to drive sales and loyalty. Learn about key trends to stay ahead of the pack.

In today’s ultra-competitive retail market, brands are under enormous pressure. Advertising and customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing while marketing budgets shrink. At the same time, an increasingly discerning customer base demands more engaging experiences.

This leaves retail marketers with a clear but tough question: How do you cut through the noise of the competition and do more with less? The solution is omnichannel.

With omnichannel retail marketing, brands can engage directly with customers wherever they’re at and deliver personalized content that’s tailored to the individual.

But, as more and more retail brands get wise to the benefits of an omnichannel approach, you need to keep ahead of the curve and future-proof your strategy.

Let’s explore emerging trends in omnichannel retailing and how you can navigate them to differentiate from your competitors and keep customers coming back for more.

  1. Phygital is the new digital
  2. Connected experiences drive ROI
  3. Customer data is both an opportunity and a challenge
  4. Keep customers at the center of everything
  5. The growing role of tech in accelerating omnichannel success
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