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Mr. Gatti’s Craveability Equals Dinner Table Delights


The more consumer focused, consumer interactive, consumer participatory a brand is the more frequency a customer will show it according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza with 113 locations is now open and in development nationwide, has recently bottled its famous buttermilk Ranch Dressing after more than 50 years of customer requests. Mr. Gatti’sis edifying it base customers while extending its brand to a new channel, new generation of customers with the Ranch Dressing and Dip.

Now get this, the Mr. Gatti’s Famous Ranch Dressing & Dip comes packaged in 16-ounce recyclable bottles, and is now available for sale at select Mr. Gatti’s locations for $8.99 and online at www.MrGattisPizza.com for $10.99 (shipping included). Beginning in Q4 2021, Mr. Gatti’s anticipates it will also be available for sale within the refrigerated produce sections at select Texas grocery locations, with nationwide grocery distribution commencing in 2022. That’s a brand invitation many companies could consider.

Most of you know that the made from scratch daily, Mr. Gatti’s Ranch Dressing is crafted using a proprietary blend of premium ingredients – real mayonnaise, farm-fresh buttermilk, and fresh-pressed herbs and spices – and carefully blended to deliver its full flavor that customers expect and continue to come back for, time-and-time again. We call it craveability.

So, in order to capture the rich flavor profile and creaminess of its in-store Ranch Dressing, Mr. Gatti’s worked with its co-packer for more than a year to develop and perfect the recipe for the new bottled Mr. Gatti’s Famous Ranch Dressing & Dip. To be served cold and always refrigerated, it has a best buy date of 120 days. 

Travis Smith, VP-marketing of Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, stated, “Mr. Gatti’s Famous Ranch Dressing & Dip is almost as famous with our customers as is our pizza. If we couldn’t match the quality of our in-house product, we weren’t going to make it. It had to live up to our standards and our customers’ high expectations – period,” … “Literally 50+ years in the making, we’re thrilled to finally offer take-home bottles of our Ranch Dressing for customers old and new to enjoy at home.”

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